APPrO Membership fees
as of September 1, 2022

APPrO membership fees are annual, due in September of each year for the following 12-month period, except for those members opting for early renewals. Fees are subject to 13% HST.

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Generators                                         $ 277 per MW, up to 175MW, plus $28.00 per MW thereafter (with a minimum of $1000 and maximum of $82,200)


Marketers & Fuel Suppliers                        $13,750

(Generators, Marketers and Fuel Suppliers are automatically considered "participating"* members. Participation is optional for the categories below.)


Other organizations                          $1375 or greater, depending on the extent of services desired, as per chart 2


Individuals                                         $500

Seniors and students                         $250 (Proof may be required, non-voting)

Supplementary members                 $560 As an adjunct to corporate members (non-voting)

Honourary Members                        No charge - by invitation only - (non-voting)


* "Participating" indicates an organization which has chosen to participate in the activities and services of APPrO's advocacy committee, or to receive related information from the advocacy committee. It normally costs an additional $3000 per year for non-participating members to become participating members.



Chart 2: Extent of Benefits for each level of membership


Fee:           # Votes     # of individuals provided services

$1,000+             2             2

$1,500+             2             3

$2,000+             2             4

$2,500+             2             5

$3,000+             3             6

$3,500+             3             7

$4,000+             4             8

$4,500+             4             9

$5,000+             5+1         10

$5,500+             6             11

$6,000+             7             12

$6,500+             7             13

$7,000+             8             14

$7,500+             8             15

$8,000+             9             16

$8,500+             9             17

$9,000+           10             18

$9,500+           10             19

$10,000+         11 + 1       20

and so on, up to the max.

$76,000           91            152

Note:  For the purposes of placing members in the benefit categories above, participation fees are considered to be part of membership fees.


Individual Memberships

1.  Benefits under the individual membership category belong to one individual and are not transferable.

2. Companies active in the electricity sector are encouraged to join as corporate members. Individual memberships are not intended for use by companies active in the power business or those affiliated with a larger company, unless the company is relatively inactive in the power sector during the period of membership.



1. The annual rates, minimums and maximums are as stated above. The normal rate for capacity under construction in Ontario is $50/MW.




Benefits and Services include:


Corporate Memberships have fees based on category, and receive the following services:

1. Discount entrance fees to the APPrO Conference up to the number of individuals eligible, as per chart 2, plus any supplementary memberships.

2. Notice of and invitation to conferences, members' meetings and special events

3. For participating members an optional E-mail bulletin and/or information sharing service from Advocacy Committees depending on circumstances. (Contact APPrO staff for more information.)

4. For participating members, membership on Advocacy Committees (policy committees) if desired and accepted, and voting rights thereon, according to category, as per chart 2.

5. Voting rights at all member meetings, including elections, according to category, which varies roughly in proportion to contribution, as per chart 2.

6. Access to special members-only promotional offers



Supplementary members may be added to corporate memberships, at $560 each per year. This will entitle the supplementary members to all benefits of corporate membership (including certain information services, and reduced conference fees) but no additional voting rights.



The individual level of membership costs $500 per year and receives the following services:

- Discount entrance fees to APPrO Conference for 1 person (not transferable)

- Notice of and invitation to conferences, members' meetings and special events

- One vote at members meetings

(Not intended for companies doing significant business in the power sector.)





Notes and special conditions:


1. For participating members, the classifications and fee levels are subject to case-by-case determination by APPrO in consultation with the member. For non-participating members, size classifications are self-selected, using reasonable discretion and subject to APPrO concurrence. Participation is obligatory for generators, marketers and fuel suppliers. If a company fits into more than one category in the province, it must pay at the higher level.

2. Corporate members who pay $5,000 per year have 6 votes; those who pay $10,000 per year have 12 votes; $15,000 per year have 18 votes; and $20,000 per year, 24 votes. Large Corporate members are capped at the levels shown above. Corporate members who pay annual fees between these amounts, have the right to one additional vote, for each increment of $1,000 between these benchmarks. Smaller companies who pay $1,000 per year have 2 votes. Individual members have one vote each. Fees are due September 1, but are adjusted for the time of year the member joined, in the case of new members (See schedule below.) Corporate members are required to designate a single individual as their "lead member" to hold and cast all the company's votes.

3. Multiple memberships by related companies are allowed but will disqualify the secondary members from receiving additional voting rights, if effective control of both members resides in the same place. Member companies are required to disclose if they have controlling or major interests in other companies who are also members - to determine if any limit is necessary on their total votes.

4. Additional supplementary members may be added to existing corporate memberships at $560 each, with no voting rights. Such memberships are not transferable. Supplementary memberships are allowed to be changed once per year, when submitted in writing.

5. Individuals who are part of companies active in the power sector are expected to take out a corporate membership, rather than an individual membership, except for individuals who are in the employ of the IESO, OEB, OEFC, and the provincial government.

6. The level of the cap is to be revisited every year.

7. All funds are under the control of the APPrO Board, with special budgets being segregated and overseen with the help of the Finance Committee.

8. Special projects will be funded outside the main fee structure, because they may not have the support of all the members. In such cases, setting up separate satellite funds with separate but consistent systems of voting rights is an option. The general rule is that if an advocacy project primarily benefits a subset of members, and entails external costs, then those costs should be paid for out of cost-sharing. Activities with broad benefits to all members should be paid for out of general coffers.

9. Senior and student members receive no vote.

10. APPrO management has discretion to offer reduced rates in special circumstances, including a discount for the first year in the case of new members. Such new members must be unaffiliated with existing members.

11. APPrO management retains discretion to make binding judgments in specific cases about categorization of members and setting the appropriate level of fees payable. APPrO reserves the right to restrict membership on certain committees, and to limit access to certain information, to specific subsets of its members, depending on whether conflicts of interest are seen by APPrO, perceived or real.

12. APPrO understands that a membership application includes an implied request to be added to APPrO’s mailing list and consent to receive email from APPrO. However members may opt out of bulk emails at any time. Members may use the website to opt in, opt out, or obtain further information.


Fee pro-rating (to allow for common renewal date of September 1) for those joining after September in any given year

If starting in:               Rate:

September                   100% of full fee

October                       100% of full fee

November                   100% of full fee

December                      90% of full fee

January                          80% of full fee

February                        70% of full fee

March                            60% of full fee

April                              50% of full fee

May                               40% of full fee

June                               30% of full fee

July                               20% of full fee

August                          10% of full fee

(Member voting privileges begin on the day when payment is verified, and expire on the following September 1. Crucial votes will occur throughout the year, but elections and major budget votes are in the October and November period.)

- The above rate structure is based on the formulation approved by the APPrO Special General Meeting of Members on July 20, 2006 and revisions thereafter.

Last updated: January 5, 2022

APPrO Mission Statement


The achievement of an economically and environmentally sustainable electricity sector in Ontario that supports the business interests of electricity generators, ratepayers and the provincial economy.


APPrO’s Objectives

Protect and promote members business interests;

Encourage efficient and timely investment in Ontario’s power system to ensure adequacy and reliability;

Support policies that promote competitive power supply, strengthen the Ontario economy and enable consumers to benefit from a transparent process for procurement of supply;

Be a leading source of ideas, solutions and policy advice in the Ontario electricity sector.

- Most recently updated in December 2019, as part of the APPrO Strategic Plan.



Last major update: January 5, 2022


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