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What does APPrO do?

APPrO is a non-profit trade organization representing Ontario's independent power producers and related businesses. Our membership is made up of more than 100 companies involved in the generation of electricity in Ontario, including generators and suppliers of equipment as well as legal and consulting services.

APPrO's generator members produce most of Ontario's electricity, relying on clean and renewable sources including co-generation, hydro-electric, gas, nuclear, wind energy, waste wood, and solar.

Only APPrO focuses 100% on the business issues of power producers in Ontario. APPrO members build independent power projects and are premier electricity suppliers in Ontario, across Canada and elsewhere in the world. Our varied membership provides an all-inclusive view of the market and positions APPrO as the leading advocacy group for generators in Ontario, giving voice to all parts of Ontario’s generation sector.

History of APPrO

For the first 17 years of its operation, the organization was known as IPPSO, the Independent Power Producers' Society of Ontario.

In 2002, when Ontario's electricity market was officially opened to competition, the organization began a process in which it broadened its scope to include more generators, and changed its name to APPrO, the Association of Power Producers of Ontario.

APPrO's Mission:

The achievement of an economically and environmentally sustainable electricity sector in Ontario that supports the business interests of electricity generators, ratepayers and the provincial economy.


APPrO’s Objectives:

  • To encourage efficient and timely investment in Ontario’s power system to ensure adequacy and reliability;
  • To deliver good value to consumers and to the Ontario economy in the supply of electricity;
  • To be the leading source of ideas, solutions and policy advice in the Ontario electricity sector.


APPrO’s focus: advocacy
APPrO exists to ensure that the market for electrical production is competitive, efficient, open to new entrants, and as fair as possible. That’s why APPrO’s primary focus is advocacy for generators.

APPrO's Results

APPrO's advocacy has contributed to improvement in a number of important areas for power producers. APPrO's predecessor IPPSO was one of the forces that helped convince the Ontario government to end the monopoly of the former Ontario Hydro and implement a competitive market for electricity in the province.

Over the years, APPrO has raised awareness and understanding of its members' concerns with senior decision-makers in government, regulatory bodies and the public at large.

Through its consistent record of insightful and constructive input, top-notch spokespeople, landmark conferences and widely respected publications, APPrO has earned status as a key stakeholder in Ontario's energy sector that ensures it will be consulted on any major developments of concern.

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APPrO Services

The services APPrO provides to its members are managed in three broad categories: Advocacy, Publications, and Conferences.



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