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APPrO promotes the interests of electricity generators within a truly open and competitive power industry in Ontario.

Register for the leading Canadian Power event spanning all commercial technologies. Have a look at the big picture at the Canadian networking hub for power professionals.

APPrO members play a pivotal role in the development of new capacity and the broader energy policies and market design which will underpin the success of Ontario’s electricity restructuring efforts. As an APPrO member you contribute to the development and communication of industry positions, and take part in industry initiatives and government consultations to ensure that your company's voice is heard.



IPPSO FACTO, is the "journal of record" for the Canadian power industry. Respected, trusted, and relied upon for relevant reporting and analysis of developments in this rapidly changing market.

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Exceptional times call for exceptional measures


The traditional model of prudently planned investment including full consultation with all affected sectors is well-intentioned but needs to be re-examined considering the current conditions.


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Online conversations will have more impact on the power system than ever before


The purpose of this posting is to invite concerned people to share unvarnished insights, to build hypotheses about the future power system, interactively and iteratively.


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What the Ontario electricity sector will look like in 15 years: A panorama of projections


These projections are based on a 15-year time frame on the assumption that power sector investments financed in the coming business cycle will need to be viable for at least 15 years.

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