Advocacy initiatives in 2015

Overview of APPrO Advocacy initiatives in 2014 and 2015


•    APPrO plays a leadership role in the electricity sector by highlighting critical issues and concerns affecting the power industry and addressing the sector’s key priorities with government, regulators, the IESO and other interests.

•    APPrO continues to advocate for generator interests at the IESO on wide number of issues around market principles and rules through its Market Affairs Working Group. This working group has provided advice and guidance on matters of material commercial and/or operational significance relating to the existing IESO-administered markets, the future evolution of the markets, IESO stakeholder engagement processes, and other matters of commercial interest.

•    APPrO continues to meet with leaders and senior staff of the various provincial political parties, the Energy Ministry, and the heads and staff of the IESO, central agencies and the OEB.

•    APPrO continues to participate in regulatory proceedings including Ontario Energy Board and National Energy Board hearings, IESO market rule forums and other processes which impact its members’ business, for example:
-    IESO Generator Cost Guarantee (GCG) Interpretation Bulletin;
-    IESO Stakeholder Engagements for Capacity Auctions and Exports;
-    IESO Gas-Electric Coordination consultation;
-    IESO’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)
-    Effective Separation of Market Operations and procurement and contract Activities;
-    A better accountability model for the IESO than the current method;
-    Ontario’s proposed Cap and Trade program;
-    The OEB’s Natural Gas Markets Review;
-    Union and Enbridge rate applications, capital expansions, deferral account and earnings sharing mechanisms proceedings;
-    Union and Enbridge DSM planning and subsequent Hearings;
-    TransCanada Pipelines Energy East proposal and the OEB’s Energy East Consultation;
-    Hydro One’s 2015-2016 rate application (Export Transmission Service Charge)
-    The OEB’s advisory committee on Regional Planning (RPPAG)
-    Hydro One’s Customer Advisory Board
-    The OEB Chair’s Advisory Roundtable

•    APPrO continues to support its NUG members in their efforts to achieve fair and equitable recontracting processes from the IESO;

•    APPrO continues to be active with the IESO in the development of its procurement programs including providing input on the LRP (Large Renewable Procurement) and CHP procurement processes;

•    APPrO is actively engaged in formal and informal consultations on revenue decoupling with the OEB, generators, LDCs, and other stakeholders.

•    APPrO continued to advocate policy and regulatory initiatives that would make distributed generation more widely feasible in Ontario, monitoring rules and regulations as they are developed for their potential impact on distributed generation.

•    APPrO’s magazine, IPPSO FACTO, continued to publish leading edge news and analysis, acting as a thought leader and dealing with some of the most critical transformative forces at work in the Canadian energy sector.

•    As well, our annual Canadian Power Conference and Trade Show is a key landmark in the sector. In 2014 nearly 1000 people from government, industry and the regulatory agencies gathered to discuss the latest issues and focus on how to promote the development of a more competitive market in Ontario.


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