APPrO Comprehensive Health Assessment program

New benefit for APPrO members:


Comprehensive Health Assessment for APPrO members



We are pleased to announce that APPrO members now receive preferred pricing on Medcan’s Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA). What could take months and multiple visits to coordinate in the regular health system, can be done at Medcan in one morning or afternoon. Medcan’s CHA includes 12-15 sophisticated diagnostic tests performed by a dedicated team of top medical professionals, “ensuring that you receive the best care possible.'


For more information and to learn how to benefit from this exclusive offer, please click here to watch short videos on the 12-15 tests.


Over the past 25 years, Medcan has become the largest private healthcare clinic in Canada. With more than 60 physicians and specialists, they offer a variety of leading-edge screening and diagnostic tests on site through their Comprehensive Health Assessment ("Executive Medical"), an extensive Executive Health program, as well as unique risk assessment and prevention programs in Men’s Health, Genetics, Cardiology, and Children & Youth. For individuals interested in health optimization, they also offer a range of wellness services, including the largest Personal Fitness Studio in Toronto.


In 2012 Medcan completed approximately 15,000 executive medicals, and found 173 previously undiagnosed cases of cancer in patients who were asymptomatic.


APPrO has partnered with Medcan to provide comprehensive health assessments for its staff and is now extending essentially the same service option to its members. These health assessments are a demonstrated means of improving employee health and reducing absenteeism. Employees of APPrO member companies are now able to access the service at rate below that available to the general public.


For more information on the Medcan comprehensive health assessment and how to access the service at the preferential rate for APPrO members, please click on the following link:


If you have any questions regarding this opportunity please contact Dave or Jake at the APPrO office.




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