Ontario’s Power Producers Welcome Energy Reforms

TORONTO, March 22, 2019:


Ontario’s power generators welcomed the provincial government new proposals to reform Ontario’s energy sector.

The Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO) supports the significant improvements being adopted by the government upon the recommendation of the Ontario Energy Board Modernization Panel Final Report and now brought forward by the government.

“APPrO supports the need for independent decision-making at regulatory tribunals, and the use of best-practices in adjudication to ensure Ontario’s regulatory system remains responsive to the changes in the economic, social and technical conditions surrounding the electricity system,” said APPrO President and CEO David Butters.  He noted that other changes the government is considering to provide further rate relief and transparency to customers across the province are also important initiatives to maintain public confidence in Ontario’s electricity system.

“As the people who generate the electricity that keeps the lights on for Ontarians, we are committed to playing a constructive role in building and maintaining a reliable, cost-efficient system for the benefit of us all,” Butters said.

APPrO is a non-profit trade organization representing Ontario's independent power producers and related businesses. Its membership is made up of more than 100 companies involved in the generation of electricity in Ontario, including generators and suppliers of equipment as well as legal and consulting services. APPrO's generator members produce most of Ontario's electricity, relying on clean and renewable sources including co-generation, hydro-electric, gas, nuclear, wind energy, waste wood, and solar.



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