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Terms and Conditions of Registration



Terms and Conditions of Registration


1. Cancellations & Refunds. In the event that Delegate wishes to cancel their registration, Delegate may make a written request and Conference Management may grant a cancellation, provided; (i) Conference Management is not required to refund any portion of moneys previously paid. (ii) if Delegate's cancellation request is received before the final cancellation date (October 2, 2009), Delegate agrees to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of total registration fee(s) before such cancellation will become effective. (iii) if a Delegate’s cancellation request is received after the final cancellation date, Delegate agrees to pay the full delegate registration fee based on the original registration application.


2. Transfer or Change of Registration. If Delegate requests a transfer or change of their registration, Conference Management will use its reasonable best efforts to accommodate the Delegate. All transfers and changes must be requested in writing and addressed to APPrO at the address below. All transfers and/or changes must be received before October 2, 2009. No transfers or changes to Delegate registration will be accepted after that date.


3. Liability. Neither Conference Management nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to Delegate or Delegate's property, from any cause whatsoever. The rights of Conference Management shall not be deemed waived at any time.


4. Recording and Soliciting. Delegate is prohibited from recording proceedings or taking photographs of exhibits or other aspects of the Conference, without Conference Management's prior written approval. Delegate is prohibited from distributing literature, souvenirs, or other items at APPrO 2009, unless Delegate has obtained Conference Management's prior written approval.


5. Use of data. APPrO routinely publishes lists of conference delegates showing name and affiliation but not contact information. APPrO will occasionally use the contact information supplied by registrants to keep them informed of related events and opportunities. APPrO does not remarket contact information supplied by conference delegates. All data is treated in accordance with APPrO’s privacy policy which is available on request from APPrO.


6. Other Matters. All matters not expressly covered in the Agreement are subject to the reasonable decision of the APPrO Conference Manager, whose decision shall be final.