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APPrO 2008

20/20 Vision - Building tomorrow’s power system today

The 20th Anniversary Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre

November 18 and 19, 2008

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, Ontario



A view into the future, turning 20-plus years of experience in the power industry into workable options for what lies ahead: The APPrO conference this November will exemplify the crucial, direction-setting point in its history the power industry has reached in 2008. Ten years after Bill 35, which introduced fundamental change in the electricity sector to Ontario, and twenty years after the first APPrO power conference, this event will be an unmatched opportunity to learn what will make the next several decades different from the last - and to find solutions that will make sure development continues to move forward in an efficient and effective direction. As the pace of innovation accelerates, knowing how to distinguish the blips from the truly transformative will become a key part of successful development.


The APPrO 2008 event will address the top issues of the day including:

How new technology will affect the course of sector development

Building major transmission under Ontario’s new rules

What needs to be built into the next IPSP?

Nuclear development – current regulatory issues and success factors

Fine-tuning the OPA’s procurement programs

Practical mechanisms for meeting GHG emission limits

Building a workforce that’s ready for the coming challenges

What smart grid applications are likely to take hold in the next few years?


Program overview:


Day 1:

Historic changes

Opening Roundtable

The Regulator’s role in history

Project finance and climate change

Market Development

Breakouts on smart grid, Standard Offer, DG, etc.

Banquet with keynote by Minister Smitherman


Day 2:

Transmission development

Aboriginal Power

Gas fired power generation

OPA Procurement

Workforce development

Nuclear regulation and development issues

Breakouts on Standard Offer, power shaping, technology innovation, and more.



Tuesday, November 18, 2008:


All sessions take place in Hall G unless otherwise noted.


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Hosted by Northland Power


8:25 a.m          Opening Remarks by Conference Chair

Stephen Somerville, Competitive Power Ventures Inc.


8:35 am           What history says about the future

Keynote:         Sean Conway, Queens University, and Public Policy Advisor, Gowlings

What are the politics of electricity likely to be like in the next 20 years?

Are we on a pendulum with respect to Central Planning?


9:00 am           Experts’ Roundtable: How the future is likely to differ from the past

Judging by the experience of the last 5 years since the hybrid market was introduced, the last 10 years since Bill 35 was passed, and the last 20 years since APPrO held its first conference, panellists will explore what has changed and why that will make the future different from the past.

What were the central decisions industry players had to make ten, twenty or even a hundred years ago, and what are the key differences from what are we looking at today?

How have the drivers changed? What does that tell us about how to prepare the ground for new development?

What innovations should the industry pay close attention to?

What changes are needed to Ontario's market structure to enhance market performance?



Moderator: Linda Bertoldi, Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP 

Dave Butters, President of APPrO

Pierre Guimond, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association

Julie Girvan, Consumers Council of Canada

Keith Stewart, World Wildlife Fund

Julie Dill, President, Union Gas Limited

Dan McGillivray, Managing Director, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Energy


Location: Hall G


10:00 am         Coffee Break

Hosted by TransCanada


10:45 am         The Regulator’s role in shaping history


Moderator: Dave Butters, APPrO


Where is energy regulation going? Observations based on Ontario’s history and current circumstances

George Vegh, McCarthy Tetrault


Keynote:         Pamela Nowina, Vice Chair, Ontario Energy Board


Keynote:         Colin Andersen, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Power Authority


11:30 am         Where is integrated power planning going?


Dave Goulding, Chair, Northeast Power Coordinating Council



11:45 am         Questions and discussion, focusing on “What needs to be in the next IPSP?

Moderators: Todd Williams, Navigant Consulting, and George Vegh, McCarthy Tetrault


Location: Hall G


12 noon           Lunch in the Networking Centre

Hosted by APPrO 2008 sponsors, to be announced.



1:00 pm           The Convergence of capital markets and carbon markets


Moderator: Ken Pearce, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP


Recent changes in the capital markets - Strategies to increase your likelihood of success

Rob Nicholson, RBC Capital Markets


Financing power in the near future in the current credit environment

Chris Ball, Corpfinance International Ltd.


Carbon pricing policy design for Canada: Impacts and Issues for the Electricity Sector

David McLaughlin, President & CEO, National Round Table on Environment and Economy (NRTEE)


Ontario-specific issues respect to financing and environmental attributes

Paul Bradley, Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd.

Contract design options for management of environmental attributes in future OPA contracts

Alternative renewable energy procurement strategies


Expediting carbon-conscious capital decisions

Skip Willis, Carbon Capital Management


Which aspects of WCI are particularly positive and particularly problematic from a Canadian perspective?

Lisa DeMarco, Macleod Dixon

Ownership of environmental attributes

Treatment of existing generation

WCI as a test case for the interaction of carbon and energy markets


Location: Hall G


2:15 pm           Questions and discussion


Location: Hall G


3:00 pm           Coffee Break

Hosted by: Navigant Consulting


Simultaneous programming in the Power Networking Centre:


2:00 pm           Update on Ontario’s Clean Energy Standard Offer Program

Context within the IPSP – How CESOP supports the overall power system procurement targets

Key issues in program design – simplified deemed dispatch mechanism, by-product project parameters

Customer response to date – overcoming challenges in end-use customer education

Next steps toward promotion – communications support with industry partners

Jim MacDougall, Ontario Power Authority

Moderator: Mike Richmond, McMillan LLP



3:15 pm           Progress Report on Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program

Results to date – comparison of original RESOP and revised RESOP

Impact of recent changes on developer’s behaviour and market response

The revised and focused vision for RESOP

Ongoing and evolving issues – Distribution system queue rules, municipal approvals, environmental approvals, LDC Connection Impact Assessments and IESO System Impact Assessments

Next steps and progress of the 2 year program review

Jim MacDougall, Ontario Power Authority

Moderator: Mike Richmond, McMillan LLP


3:45 pm           Keynote address by Paul Murphy, CEO of the IESO

Co-ordination and cohesion: Is there a need to re-establish direction, focus or drivers in the power industry?

What are the new drivers in the industry?

What direction are they pushing us in?

How should markets respond?


Moderator: Andrew Johnson, Energy Market Consultant

Consumer perspective: Adam White, AMPCO, Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario

Generator perspective: Paul McMillan, EPCOR

Retailer perspective: Adele Malo, Direct Energy


Location: Hall G


5:00 pm           Reception in the Networking Centre

Hosted by Stikeman Elliott


6:00 pm           Banquet dinner

Hosted by Borden Ladner Gervais


Location: Room 701 (One floor Up)


Tribute to Stephen Probyn


7:00 pm           Keynote speech:

                         Hon. George Smitherman, Deputy Premier of Ontario, and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure


Hedley Palmer Award


8:30 pm           Power Mixer at the Steam Whistle Brewery

Hosted by Blakes

Location: Steam Whistle Brewery, 255 Bremner Blvd.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008:


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Hosted by AIM PowerGEN


The role of the grid in integrating supply - current and future

9:00 am           Geoff Ogram, Hydro One Networks

Implications for the transmission and distribution networks

Enabling renewables and DG

Hydro One's actions and plans


9:15 am           Transmission system readiness: Long term stability and short term change

The OEB’s Connection Cost Responsibility Review has put key issues on the table: Who should pay for grid reinforcement? What considerations should guide any decision about the initial proponent, owner and builder? How should the costs be collected? Even as these questions approach resolution, other key questions will follow:

 Is the incentive adequate to bring forward sufficient players to take lead responsibility?

 Is the OPA ready to identify transmission needs on the timeline and with the level of specificity that generators are seeking?

 What adjustments are needed in the system of approvals and permitting?

 Given the separation of powers in Ontario’s system, what resources is the regulator likely to require, to resolve questions of the need for new lines, their sizing and timing, while respecting the market’s expectations for predictability and contestability, to say nothing of reliability requirements?


Moderator: Aiman El-Ramly, ZE Power Group / ZE Power Engineering


Glenn Zacher, Stikeman Elliott

Streamlining Transmission Approvals:

Inefficiencies in current approvals processes

Impetuses for change

How to improve current processes


Rob Silver, Dynamic Policy Consultants

Who is going to build it?

How will it be procured in the absence of the IPSP?

How will regulatory risk be managed?


Jeff Rosenthal, Brookfield Asset Management

Getting the transmission system ready for the future


Ed Chilton, Five Nations Energy Inc.


Location: Hall G


10:00 am         Coffee break

Hosted by Pristine Power



10:30 am         First Nations and Metis Power Generation Panel

Experts share their experience on building working relationships between First Nation and Metis communities and project developers. What makes for a successful partnership, whether the community is hosting development on its traditional lands, exploring new forms of collaboration, or an active proponent itself? How should developers approach entering into relationships with First Nation and Metis communities?


Moderator: Cherie Brant, Gardiner Roberts (Counsel to First Nations Energy Alliance)

Merv McLeod, McLeod-Wood Associates

Bob Waldon, Metis Nation of Ontario

Richard King, Ogilvy Renault

Byron LeClair, Pic River First Nation

Location: Room 803



10:45 am         Gas-fired power generation: Challenges and solutions for 2009

Ontario's energy system will be coping with a huge increase in gas volumes for power generation in the coming year. How are distributors planning to adapt to that, while recognizing the unfamiliar economic circumstances all players will be facing? What new services will be offered, and how do they affect the options available to generators?

- New service requirements (transmission, distribution and balancing)

- Operations process changes to deal with the need for real time dispatch requirements

- How 4-5,000 MW of new generation in Ontario might affect security of supply for the rest of Ontario: Understanding the real impact on other existing gas markets and the potential for scarcities and/or higher prices.

- What’s been achieved in the last year

- Unique fuel procurement challenges for generators under 100 MW


Moderator: John Wolnik, GSA Energy Company Inc.

Tim Stringer, TransCanada

Warren Reinisch, Union Gas

Edith Chin, Enbridge Gas Distribution

Other speakers to be announced


Location: Room 801B


12 noon           Lunch in the Networking Centre

Hosted by APPrO 2008 event sponsors, to be announced


1:00 pm           Workforce Development: How to ensure the staff will be ready when needed

Is there a need for a joint initiative between industry, the educational sector, the parents, and government economic development functions? What are the appropriate and necessary strategies for addressing skills shortages?

Moderator: Mark Smith, KPMG

Catherine Cottingham, Electricity Sector Council

John Sprackett, Power Workers Union

Richard Marceau, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Shayne Smith, Wardrop Engineering


Location: Room 801B


2:00 pm           Coffee break

Hosted by Brookfield Renewable Power


2:20 pm           Current issues in the nuclear industry


Moderator: David McFadden, Gowlings


Keynote address:

Michael Binder, President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

The evolving role of the regulator in Canada

The efficiency and effectiveness of the licensing process in Canada

International benchmarking

Cooperating and collaborating with foreign regulators


3:00 pm           Learning from global industry and lessons from the past

The overheated project environment is a global phenomenon. Understanding how this current project market will affect projects in Ontario will be important for their success. Lessons from past and current projects will be valuable as Ontario begins to consider nuclear power projects again.

Michael McFadden, Independent Project Analysis Inc.


3:15 pm           Nuclear in Ontario: Operating today, Planning for tomorrow

Tom Mitchell, Chief Nuclear Officer, Ontario Power Generation


3:30 pm           Wrap-up


Location: Room 801B



Simultaneous program:


1:00 pm           OPA procurement – What lies ahead?

Usually the OPA talks, and developers listen. This time, the OPA will update the industry on its ambitious set of procurement programs, and then listen as the industry shares its concerns about the structure and process of Ontario’s procurement program.

Update on live procurements

Draft schedule and timing of future procurements


Moderator: Mike Crawley, AIM Powergen

Jason Chee-Aloy, Ontario Power Authority


Audience participation will be encouraged.


Location: Room 803


2:15 pm           Coffee break

Hosted by Brookfield Renewable Power



Simultaneous programming in the Power Networking Centre:

Ontario Centres of Excellence Innovation Café


Tuesday, November 18 2008:


10 am               Smart Grid - opportunities and perspectives

Ravi Seethapathy, Hydro One

Oliver Romaniuk, University of Waterloo

Rhonda Wright-Hilbig, IESO, Independent Electricity System Operator

Mark Kerbel, REGEN Energy

Moderator: Sarah Thorne, Decision Partners


11 am               Solar Electricity

Ian Sinclair, Mondial Energy Inc.

Rafael Kleiman, McMaster University

Scott Leslie, Menova Energy

Carole Champion, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Energy

Moderator: Tom Harris, Queen’s University


1 pm                Distributed Generation Case Studies

Mike Savel, DDACE Power Systems

Paul Grod, Rodan Energy & Metering Solutions Inc.

Gene Hunt, Beacon Power

Moderator: Ron Cocking, Toromont Energy Ltd.


2:00 pm           Clean Energy Standard Offer Briefing

Jim MacDougall, OPA

Click on this link to see more details about this session in the main conference program.


3:15 pm           Renewable Energy Standard Offer Briefing

Jim MacDougall, OPA

Click on this link to see more details about this session in the main conference program.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008:


10 am               Transportation – electricity convergence

Matthew Stevens, CrossChasm Technologies

Bernard Fleet, Fleet Technology Partners

Jacquie McInnes, Ontario Power Generation

Moderator: Michael Angemeer, Veridian


11 am               Electrical storage and power shaping

Jim Fonger, H2Green

Lynda O’Malley, York University

Robert McGillivray, Hydrogenics

Moderator: Bob Stasko, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Energy


2 pm                Standard Offer – Open Discussion

Moderator: Jim MacDougall, Ontario Power Authority

Jose Etcheverry, York University

Tim Short, Enbridge

Jose Menendez, Pristine Power

Views on the objectives of the SO programs

What difficulties have been experienced developing customer-driven SO projects?

What technologies are likely to advance most quickly in the next 5 years?



4:30 pm           APPrO Annual General Meeting

(Members only)


Location: Room 803



Thanks to all the following sponsors:


AIM Powergen


Borden Ladner Gervais

Brookfield Renewable Power

Bruce Power


Electricity Today

Enbridge Gas Distribution



London Economics

Macleod Dixon

Navigant Consulting

Northland Power

Ogilvy Renault

Ontario Centres of Excellence for Energy

OPGI - Ontario Power Generation Inc.

Pristine Power

Stikeman Elliott

Suncor Energy

The Probyn Group

Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc.

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ZE Power Group



Program details subject to change without notice.


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