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Aboriginal Student Program at APPrO 2008

Power up your career: Invitation to a 2-day “Intensive' in energy for Aboriginal students

Ontario First Nation and Metis students interested in a career in the energy sector are being offered an extraordinary chance to learn about the exciting opportunities in the energy field, and to meet a range of people active in the electricity industry. APPrO, the Association of Power Producers of Ontario, working with OPGI, Ontario Power Generation Inc., is making a special offer to a limited number of students from Ontario-based First Nations and Metis groups, providing access to APPrO 2008, the premier electricity conference in Canada, and a series of specialized events associated with APPrO 2008.

This is an excellent opportunity for students and anyone else to learn what’s new and promising for the future in the power industry. APPrO’s conference, now in its 20th year, is known for bringing together the top decision makers and business people in the Ontario power sector to explore key issues of the day. Students attending the conference will not only learn what’s going on the industry, but they will also have excellent opportunities to meet people who are interested in hiring students for some of the most interesting and challenging jobs anywhere.

This is the first time that APPrO and OPGI have offered this kind of low-cost student access to the Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre. In some cases, assistance can be offered to defray transportation costs to and from the conference. Through this program, aboriginal students from Ontario who are considering a career in power generation will get a behind-the-scenes look at the issues facing them in their future career.

The Ontario power industry is hungry for new recruits and APPrO wants to be sure every interested student has the opportunity to explore the full range of career options in the sector. Aboriginal students are of particular importance because of the potential for new generation development in or near their traditional lands, especially in the north. The partnership between APPrO and OPGI will allow students who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to attend a conference of this nature, to come and be a part of the action and learn about what the electricity business has to offer them.

Who's eligible:

Any Ontario-based First Nation or Metis student with an interest in the power generation field is potentially eligible. This could include engineering students, business administration students, students with an interest in policy or law, and many others. To be considered eligible, students must apply through APPrO and be accepted by APPrO.

Application Process:

Each student will submit their full contact information (home address and current address) with details about their course of study and an academic reference, by October 1.

Transportation and Accommodation:

APPrO will cover all meals for the students (breakfast, lunch, banquet and coffee are served on Day 1 of the conference, and breakfast, lunch and coffee on day 2) onsite at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building.

Students will be responsible for their own accommodation during the conference. Tourism Toronto can be contacted for a list of youth hostels in the area.

Students are encouraged to find economical travel arrangements. APPrO will consider covering transportation costs, with the proper documentation, for up to 50 cents per km, to a limited number of qualifying individuals.

Claims procedure:

In order to be reimbursed for travel costs, students will have to be pre-approved by APPrO in advance of the event, and submit their expenses (including original receipts and a fully-detailed invoice) by December 5 2008, and after confirmation by APPrO, the students will be reimbursed by cheque to the stated limit within three to five weeks of submitting the expenses. Note: expense claims that contain ambiguities will take longer to process.

Please note: All decisions on eligibility and on the amount of reimbursements are at the sole discretion of APPrO.


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