Wed August 8, 2022 6:22 am

Letter From the President


Dear APPrO Delegates, Sponsors and Speakers,



I would like to welcome you again to APPrO 2007 - the Canadian Power Conference. This year we are featuring the Power Networking Centre, a step forward in the concept of trade shows.

Ontario's growing need for new generation continues unabated as consumption rises and older plants approach retirement. Through the Ontario Power Authority, the province has achieved significant success in procuring new generation and APPrO continues to make the voice of generators heard as critical choices are made in the development of the system. We are moving in the right direction, but key questions remain unresolved and APPrO is there to help guide the way.

Operationally our challenge remains the same - ensuring that our members can operate successfully in Ontario’s power market and compete successfully in Ontario’s generation procurement processes. Our conference is a key factor in achieving our mission.

APPrO 2006 broke new records in attendance and there's no sign of slowing down in 2007. Our content continues to be strong and timely. We have refocused our exhibition (The Power Networking Centre) to cater to our delegates with plenty of networking areas and informative content.

APPrO welcomes you to the leading event in the industry. Take advantage of the opportunities to develop your business with our delegates – the key people in the power sector. Be sure to check our conference program as we get closer to the date to get a sense of the promise at hand.

While the general shape and direction of Ontario’s Integrated Power System Plan are known, much work remains to clear the way, define the specific plans, and put the necessary investments in place. Much work still needs to be done in generation and transmission facilities siting and approvals. And, the direction and pace of evolution of Ontario’s electricity market remain uncertain. At APPrO 2007 we will discuss, collaborate, learn and equip ourselves to pave the best way forward.

Be at the centre of the action with those who know and those who come to learn. Join us at APPrO 2007 on the 13th and 14th of November.


David Butters,
President of APPrO