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Information for Exhibitors at APPrO 2007



Welcome to the APPrO 2007 Power Networking Centre



Who are we?


APPrO 2007 is the single largest annual gathering of power producers in the Ontario power generation industry. Combined, our Delegates produce more than 95% of all the electricity generated in the province.


APPrO 2007 Delegates and Speakers set the policy agenda, forecast supply needs, determine supply mix, evaluate investment opportunities, direct procurement, negotiate contracts, shape prices, influence market mechanisms, and regulate the industry. They own titles like Chair, CEO, President, Partner, QC, Minister, Deputy Minister, Investor, Financier and Vice President. They are the right people to know.



What is the Power Networking Centre?


APPrO 2007 continues to offer Exhibitors the best value and the most complete turnkey package available.  This year we have made some enhancements to the show that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.


Our floorplan has been enhanced to provide more space to mingle and network.  The overall ambience will be that of a respite from the conference papers, a comfortable and attractive environment appealing to delegates as a place to connect and network in a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues, and potential business contacts.  Planned presentations of leading services and technologies as well as sponsored Giveaways add interest and excitement to the Centre.


There are only 60 spots available so download the “Power Networking Centre Exhibitor Information and Registration Form' and fax it back to us as soon as possible to make sure you secure the best location. 



Quick Links


Exhibitor Prospectus (including Registration Form) -pdf


APPrO 2007 Floor Plan -pdf


Banquet Ticket and Table Order Form - pdf


Advertising Standards Guide -pdf


Delegate Registration Form -pdf


Conference & Show Guide - pdf


Power Networking Centre - Guest Registration - pdf


APPrO 2007 Official Suppliers


APPrO 2006 Show Guide




Power Networking Centre hours (Exhibit Hall G):


Exhibitor Setup

– Monday, November 12, 10am – 8pm


Show Hours

– Tuesday, November 13, 9am – 5pm; Reception 5pm – 6pm

– Wednesday, November 14, 9am – 2pm; Tear-down at 2pm



Each 10’ x 10’ standard booth includes:


- Pipe & drape frame with 8’ rear & 3’ side rails (installed)

- One six foot white draped table, two (2) side chairs & waste basket

- Electrical power (800 Watt, 120 volt duplex outlet, approx. 6 amps)

- One all-access conference session pass

- One banquet ticket

- Company listing in the APPrO 2007 Power Networking Guide

- URL link to your website’s homepage on the APPrO 2007 Conference site

- Unlimited guest and staff passes for the Power Networking Centre




Every location is a great one – our floor plan has been enhanced to provide better site lines, more open areas, a relaxed more approachable setup with plenty of networking lounge areas.  All booths are accessible and set up to encourage attention from delegates.  All areas are high traffic and adjacent to lounges, food service and bar, seating and presentation areas.


The Power Networking Centre and conference sessions are now located in a single, contiguous area within the MTCC – spend more time talking and less time walking!


Limited space – only sixty (60) 10’ x 10’ booths are available in Exhibit Hall G.  Less competition = more opportunity.


Practically all the players in Ontario’s power generation industry will attend APPrO 2007 because it is the leading event of its kind in Canada.  If you want to increase your profile with the leading players in the sector, you need to exhibit at APPrO 2007.


If you have special needs and requirements or would like us to tailor a program to help you achieve your marketing objectives, we invite you to contact Carole Kielly, Manager, Sales & Marketing, +1-416-322-6549 ext 222.



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