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APPrO 2007 Agenda

APPrO 2007

The 19th Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre

Sharpening the Blueprint: How the industry will deliver on Ontario’s power plans

Featuring the Green Power Conference

November 13 and 14, 2007

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, Ontario



There have been years of planning. Now it’s time to deliver. What are the key issues outstanding that will need to be addressed in energy policy, to make sure it’s possible to deliver on the plan?


The APPrO 2007 event will address the top issues of the day including:

The direction of provincial energy policy, post election

The tools that will be needed to deliver on the Integrated Power System Plan

Charting the course of nuclear development in Ontario

Addressing local planning requirements and aboriginal concerns

Threats and opportunities to the further development of competition

Alignment of infrastructure plans with climate change objectives

The unique roles of Distributed Generation and the Standard Offer Program


November 2007 will be a special opportunity for goal-setting: This year, the APPrO conference is in a special position to have input on the direction of Ontario energy policy, post election: The timing of this event, little more than a month after the provincial election, creates a rare opportunity for industry perspectives to be articulated and shared with newly elected and re-elected legislators, before the government’s plans for the next four years of energy policy have solidified.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007:


All sessions take place in Room 801 unless otherwise noted.


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Co-hosted by Access Capital Corp. and Northland Power


8:25 a.m          Opening Remarks by Conference Chair

Stephen Somerville, Probyn and Company


8:30 a.m.         Opening Roundtable of experts (“If I were the Minister of Energy'):

What the government’s top energy policy priorities should be for the next four years

How government should deal with the issues of expediting approvals, First Nations and transmission

The respective roles of the IESO and the OPA going forward

Does regulated pricing for OPG serve any ongoing purpose?

Should LMP be treated as though it’s off the table?

What would it take for industrials to get into the forward market, in large enough volumes to finance new build?

Adequacy, especially provision for peak demand

Co-ordination of municipal and provincial planning

Should there be a change in provincial law preventing development in areas that don’t have sufficient power facilities?



Moderator: Linda Bertoldi, Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP


Dave Butters, APPrO

Pelino Colaiacovo, Morrison Park Advisors (former Executive Assistant to Energy Minister Dwight Duncan)

David O’Brien, CEO of Toronto Hydro

Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Adam White, Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario

Greg Lyle, Innovative Research


Location: Room 801


10:00 am         Coffee Break

Hosted by TransAlta Corporation


10:45 am         What does the regulator have planned for the sector?


Keynote: Gordon Kaiser, Vice Chair, Ontario Energy Board


Moderator: Tom Brett, Gowlings


11:00 am         Deconstructing “NIMBY': Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Community opposition (Not-In-My-Backyard or NIMBY) is seen as a major obstacle to siting electricity facilities today. Integrating 15 years’ experience working with proponents and systems planners with a thorough review of the planning literature, Decision Partners’ findings challenge conventional wisdom. The results of comprehensive study being undertaken for APPrO, OPA and EPCOR will be used to create methods and tools to help Canadian electricity planners and proponents effectively and systematically build social judgment of their proposal.  In this session, the presenters will discuss key findings so far, including:

* Planners and project proponents should move beyond conventional concepts of NIMBY, which blame or demonize people or groups.

* Social friction often results from stakeholders’ judgments of the quality of the proposal and the process for planning and implementing new facilities, which are highly situational-dependent.

* Effective stakeholder engagement from the outset is key to minimizing and managing social friction and building stakeholder judgment.

- Gordon Butte and Sarah Thorne, Decision Partners


Location: Room 801


11:20 am         Emerging issues with implementation of the IPSP

George Vegh, McCarthy Tetrault

Jim Harbell, Stikeman Elliott


Mr. Harbell and Mr. Vegh, along with Glenn Zacher, are the legal team the OPA has assigned to guide its work on the IPSP. Their view of the challenges and opportunities being addressed will set the stage for discussion in later panels on the critical question of how to deliver on the plan, particularly in terms of financing new build and siting transmission.


Location: Room 801


11:45 am         Questions and discussion



12 noon           Lunch in the Networking Centre

Hosted by Ontario Power Generation Inc.


1:00 pm           Getting down to business: Financial experts on making the IPSP “do-able'


Gary Nevison, TD Securities Inc.

Karen Taylor, BMO Nesbitt Burns

Rob McLeese, Access Capital

Paul Bradley, PJB Energy Solutions Inc.


The role of environmental attributes in project finance:

Lisa DeMarco, Macleod Dixon


Moderator: Ken Pearce, Blake, Cassells, Graydon


Location: Room 801


2:15 pm           Fine-tuning Ontario’s increasingly inclusive approvals system

How has the "game" changed?  The "Social License to Operate"  - What is it and why is it important? How does social acceptance fit within the approvals process? Lessons learned: What worked in the past? Will it work in the future? Moving forward: Keys to success - Case examples. Incorporating community and aboriginal perspectives into development planning. Solutions to competing uses, as seen at the local planning level. Improving the process and if necessary, the system for approvals.


Harry Goldgut, Brookfield Power

Marvin Stemeroff, Gartner Lee


2:45                 Questions and discussion

Moderator: Ken Pearce, Blake, Cassells, Graydon


Location: Room 801


3:00                 Coffee Break


Simultaneous Green Power program:


2:15 pm           Ontario’s Clean Energy Standard Offer Program

CESOP Status Update

Key issues in program design

Stakeholder feedback to date

Next steps toward implementation

Jim MacDougall, Ontario Power Authority

Moderator: Mike Crawley, AIM Powergen


Location: Room 803


3:00 pm           Coffee break


3:30 pm           Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program

Progress Report

Results to date

Issues in RESOP program operation

Issues in project development

Next steps

Jim MacDougall, Ontario Power Authority

Moderator: Mike Crawley, AIM Powergen


Location: Room 803


Combined session, main APPrO Conference and Green Power Conference:


3:45 pm           The direction of sector development: The evolving roles of key players in helping to shape it

                        Keynote: Jan Carr, CEO of the Ontario Power Authority


4:00 pm           Strengthening the sense of vision for the sector

                        Keynote address by Paul Murphy, CEO of the IESO

The immediate priorities for market evolution: Which issues the IESO sees as top of mind for the coming year, and how it plans to work with stakeholders to develop its plans to for market evolution.

Day Ahead Market

Refinement of real time dispatch and pricing functions


4:20 pm           The prospects for competition

Overview of progress towards competitive markets inside and outside Ontario

What’s worked and what hasn’t with market evolution

Building on market evolution initiatives of the IESO

Moderator: Leigh-Anne Palter, EPCOR Ontario

Mike Trebilcock, University of Toronto

Bill Taylor, TransCanada Energy

Dan Allegretti, Constellation Energy


Location: Room 801


5:00 pm           Reception in the Networking Centre

Hosted by Stikeman Elliott


6:00 pm           Banquet dinner

Hosted by Borden Ladner Gervais


Location: Room 701 (One floor Up)


7:00 pm           Keynote speech:

                        Hon. Gerry Phillips, Ontario Minister of Energy


8:30 pm           Power Mixer at the Steam Whistle Brewery

Hosted by Blakes

Location: Steam Whistle Brewery, 255 Bremner Blvd.



Wednesday, November 14, 2007:


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Co-hosted by Probyn & Company and AIM PowerGen


8:30 am           Keynote speech: Rita Burak, Chair of Hydro One Inc.


9:00 am           Transmission Planning - Is there another way?

Transmission is critical to the success of Ontario's energy future. But it is also seen as a high political risk. The result of which is a system caught in limbo. Assuming that the current approvals system isn’t working adequately for transmission, APPrO 2007 invites participants’ prescriptions to address the problem. Policy makers, whether the Ministry or the OPA, have to look critically at the status quo and ask some serious questions:

 Is the IPSP process too cumbersome and protracted to produce a timely and effective result?

 Should policy makers continue to rely on Hydro One as the developer and constructor of transmission or make the same opportunity available to other licensed transmitters?

 Should new legislation be used to deal with approval issues and to limit the uncertainty created by complex regulatory proceedings?

 Major transmission projects that are needed will require investments in the hundreds of millions. Are they feasible without a rate adjustment mechanism to permit recovery (beyond interest during construction) during construction, particularly when the project's need is justified through the IPSP or some other policy-based initiative?

 Will the OEB have the flexibility to combine leave-to-construct and rate proceedings in future, to provide for the more effective management of regulatory risk?


Moderator: Adam Chamberlain, Aird & Berlis

Donald Gamble, Golder Associates: Experience with transmission siting approval processes in other provinces; Managing the potential for expanding scope

Rob Silver, Dynamic Policy Consulting

Charles Keizer, Ogilvy Renault


Location: Room 801


10:00 am         Coffee break

Hosted by EPCOR


10:30 am         New challenges in securing gas for power generation

How generators can make best use of the new services that are becoming available

How gas services required for future plants are likely to differ from those developed for the combined cycle plants currently being built

What options are most suitable for the new small and medium generators?

Understanding gas service requirements

Potential for interaction between CESOP, CHP2, Peaking and DR procurements

 John W. Voss, Aegent Energy Advisors Inc.

 John Rosenkranz, Independent Consultant

 Jeff Sim, Enbridge Gas

 Mark Isherwood, Union Gas

 Moderator: Pat Moran, Ogilvy Renault LLP


Location: Room 802


10:30 am         First Nations Power Generation Panel


This Panel will examine the role that First Nations play in respect of the development of new, or refurbishment/expansion of existing, electricity generation projects in Ontario.  A large proportion of new power plant developments in Ontario will have a First Nations component: at one end of the spectrum, a proposed project may impact a First Nations' rights/claim over traditional lands while at the other end of the spectrum a First Nation may wish to lead development of a power plant on Reserve or in their traditional lands.  In the former case, the First Nation will want to ensure that its traditional and treaty rights are not impeded, and will also want to ensure that the Crown properly fulfils its obligations to First Nations prior to approving the project.  In the latter case, many First Nations have sought to develop partnerships with non-First Nation entities, which is often subject to its own unique challenges. The objective of this session will be to discuss the ways that First Nations have been involved in generation projects, and to also discuss methods whereby potential developers can move forward successfully with generation projects within the traditional territories of First Nations in Ontario. 


Mike Fox, Nishnawbe-Aski Development Fund: “The Northern Ontario resource development context'

Harvey Yesno, Nishnawbe-Aski Development Fund: “The Lower Albany River and related developments'

Robert Corbiere, Chief of the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve

Sam Damm, CLAW Environmental Services Inc.

Moderator: Merv McLeod, McLeod-Wood Associates


Location: Room 803



12 noon           Lunch in the Networking Centre

Hosted by Gowlings


1:00 pm           Charting the path forward for nuclear energy in Ontario


Update on the Bruce A Restart Project

Andrew Johnson, Bruce Power


OPG nuclear initiatives, current and planned

Mark Elliott, Ontario Power Generation Inc.


Improving the market conditions for nuclear investment

The process for approval of new developments

Principles for determining an appropriate allocation of risk between vendor, owner, operator, and ratepayer, including completion risk

Emerging commercial / risk sharing arrangements in the US market

Laura A. Miller, Navigant Consulting

Milt Caplan, MZConsulting


Moderator: David McFadden, Gowlings


Location: Room 801A


2:15 pm           Coffee break

Hosted by Brookfield Power


2:30 pm           Technology options for Ontario’s nuclear future


Jerry Hopwood, Team CANDU, “The economic benefits of CANDU to Ontario'

Armand Laferrere, Areva Canada Inc.

William E. Cummins, Westinghouse Electric Company


Location: Room 801A



Simultaneous Green Power program:


1:00 pm           Update on OPA procurement plans

The Procurement Process, filed with the IPSP

Summary of supply procurements to date – what’s working

Update on live procurements

Draft schedule and timing of future procurements.


Jason Chee-Aloy, Ontario Power Authority

Moderator: Mike Richmond, McMillan Binch Mendelsohn LLP


Location: Room 803


2:15 pm           Coffee break

Hosted by Brookfield Power


2:45 pm           Connections, connections everywhere

Current issues and challenges with managing the volume and nature of generator connection applications being received by Hydro One and other distributors in Ontario

Bob Singh, Hydro One

Charles Edey, Echo Power International

Peter Baroutis, Toronto Hydro

Kristopher Stevens, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (Moderator)


Location: Room 803



4:00 pm           APPrO Annual General Meeting

(Members only)


Location: Room 802



Green Power Conference


As in previous years, there will be content related to renewable energy and green power throughout the APPrO conference. The following sessions will be of particular interest to those concerned with Green Power.


Tuesday, November 13:


1:00 pm           Finance Panel

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2:15 pm           Ontario’s Clean Energy Standard Offer Program

Jim MacDougall, Ontario Power Authority

(Click here for details in the main program above)


3:30 pm           Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program

Jim MacDougall, Ontario Power Authority

(Click here for details in the main program above)


4:00 pm           Strengthening the sense of vision for the sector

(Click here for details in the main program above)



Wednesday, November 14:


8:30 am           Transmission Keynote and Panel

(Click here for details in the main program above)


10:30 am         First Nations Power Generation Panel

(Click here for details in the main program above)


1:00 pm           Update on Procurement

(Click here for details in the main program above)


3:00 pm           Connnections, connections everywhere

(Click here for details in the main program above)






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