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Reach the People in Power

with APPrO 2007 online advertising


Banner Advertising on the APPrO 2007 website is a unique opportunity to position yourself amongst the leaders in the Ontario power generation industry – to make a statement about the role your company plays in one of the most critical parts of the economy.  We bring you a highly-focused audience that allows you to maximize your exposure with some of the most influential players in the power industry.


APPrO members and visitors to the APPrO Conference site include important names at significant companies – people in positions who can make a difference.  Our conference delegates and sponsors produce more than 95% of all the electricity generated in the province. Nearly every person in our audience is a senior decision makers, or one of the key staff who support them. These are the people who shape the industry. They set policy, forecast supply needs, determine supply mix, evaluate investment, negotiate contracts, set prices and regulate the sector as a whole. If these are the people you want to target, if they are the people you want to know you, a banner ad on the APPrO 2007 website is your best, most economical bet, for high-quality profile.


Advertising on <> and at <> will spread your message to power professionals and business leaders across the country. Advertise with strategically-placed banner ads on our websites or provide product and service information in our Online Canadian Power Directory (coming soon!).



Conference online advertising special:

1 skyscraper,

1 button,

1 bottom leaderboard,

run-of-site, on the APPrO 2007 website:

- From now until December 31, 2007 - $1,800

- From September to December 31, 2007 - $995



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Please click on the links below for further information on advertising with APPrO 2007:


* Click here for the standard rate card for online advertising on the APPrO websites


* Click here to access our special introductory offers for the first customers to sign up for online advertising on the new APPrO websites


* Become an APPrO 2007 event sponsor


* Exhibit at the newly re-designed Power Networking Centre


* Advertise in the power industry’s journal of record, IPPSO FACTO magazine


* Access collaborative cross-promotional opportunities and association partnerships



To take advantage of these and other powerful, targeted, and tailored opportunities, or to find out more about them, contact APPrO at the co-ordinates below.



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