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Sustainable Energy Publications

There are a range of organizations always publishing new material on Canadian sustainable energy topics, including the Government of Canada, and the provincial and territorial governments. In addition, there are numerous public interest organizations which publish relevant information, and many more private companies and utilities publishing information relevant to the field. The following listings are only preliminary. Please note that APPrO can not assure the availability or accuracy of any of the publications referenced on this page. Please contact the original publishers rather than APPrO to obtain copies. Our apologies that many of the references below appear to be outdated. The operators of this website would like to have your suggestions about resources to add to this list. Please send any suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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NREL (US Nat. Renewable Energy Laboratory) Publications

Public Information Centre
Ontario Ministry Of Environment

135 St. Clair Ave. West, 1st fl., Toronto, Ontario M4V 1P5.
Telephone : (416)325-4000
Toll Free : 1-800-565-4923 or 1-800-ENERGY1
Fax: (416) 323-4564

The Ministry Information Resource Centre, is open to the general public by appointment during standard business hours. Call (416) 325-4000 or fax 323-4564 for an appointment.

Canadian ElectricityAssociation (CEA)
Suite 1120, 1155 Metcalfe Street
Montreal, Quebec H3B 2V6
Tel: (514) 866-6121 Fax: 514-866-1880
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web site:

The following publications are available from the CEA:

  • Combined Generation of Heat and Electricity Report 77-60 May 1980. $50*
  • Utility Policy on Cogeneration and Small Power Production Report 340 U SOA October 1984. $50*
  • Utility Policies Towards Customer Owned Generation Facilities Report 416 U 465 October 1985. $50*
  • Opportunities for Utility-Owned Packaged Combined Heat and Power Systems Report 544 U 555 December 1987. $50 ** $35 for members
  • "Electric Power In Canada 1995" is available for $25.00 to CEA members and $100.00 for non-members. The Cat. No. is: M23-7/1994-E; The ISBN: 0-662-22620-8 and the ISSN is: 0070-962X
    The report is also available in French from the CEA.

Canadian Energy Research Institute
3512-33 Street N.W.
Calgary, AlbertaT2L 2A6
(403) 282-1231

  • Industrial Cogeneration in Canada: Prospects and Perspectives Study No. 24 March 1987. $ 30

AEE Energy Books-Dept. 300
The Association of Energy Engineers

4025 Pleasantdale road, Suite 420
Atlanta, Georgia 30340 USA
(404) 925-9558

  • Cogeneration and Small Power Manual 1987.US $85
  • Industrial Cogeneration Applications 1987. US $62

The Canadian Electricity Forum publishes Electricity Today magazine and runs technical forums on issues of interest in the industry

NREL's weekly newsletter is now available on-line at

Cogeneration Institute of the Association of Energy Engineers
4025 Pleasantdale Road, Suite 340
Atlanta,Georgia 30340 USA
(404) 447-5083

A non-profit organization representing 1,700 professionals involved incogeneration. Publishes The Cogeneration Journal and sponsors annual workshopsand trade conventions on cogeneration.

International Cogeneration Society and International Cogeneration Society
Research Institute
309 Commonwealth Building
2045 North 15th Street Arlington,
Virginia 22201 USA
(703) 528-5755

Non-profit scientific and educational organization. Publishes Cogeneration World (bi-monthly) and Cogeneration Review (monthly).

American Gas Association
1515 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22209 USA
(703) 841-8400

  • Cogeneration Feasibility Analysis June 1986 Catalogue No. S00802

Energy Technology Data Base
Technical Information Division - Canada
Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology*
555 Booth Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G1
(613) 995-4059

* for contributing pertinent literature

A multinational data base that contains energy technology literature from Canada,Japan, Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, Finland, The Netherlands,Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
Canadians can access the ETDB on-line by using a compatible computer through:

  • Dialog Information Services (1-800-227-1927)
  • Mead Data Central (1-800-227-9597 or (513)865-6958)
  • STN International ((614)421-3600 or TIx 6842086CHMAB)

Renewable Energy World

Recommended further reading:

  • The Independent Power Systems Catalogue and Design Manual. A thorough and easy-to-understand manual for the do-it-yourselfer who wants a wind, small hydro or PV system for the cottage, sailboat or farm. Includes sections on batteries, controls, power conditioners and all the other equipment you need. Also efficient lighting, water pumps, thermal solar and even propane fridges. Technical specifications of various products. $6, from PrometheusEnergy, 400 Creditstone Rd. Unit 33, Concord, Ont. L4K 3Z3, tel./fax (905)660-7868.

Power Publications Menu lists all sorts of publications

Sustainable Energy Resources

Profiting From Energy Efficiency: A Financing Handbook for Municipalities is an enthusiast ic and helpful introduction to the subject of conservation technologies and on-site cogen, the benefits thereof, and their financing, directed especiallyat municipalities. Citing examples like Glasgow, which reduced demand inmunicipal buildings by 22% over ten years, the handbook should be able toconvince a city councillor why it pays to invest in energy efficiency.

Municipalities can show leadership, the handbook suggests, by retrofittingits own buildings, enacting supporting regulations and legislati on, anddeveloping partnerships with a number of organizations. Suggestions are given onhow to access money, with exapmles of self financing, direct borrowing, andalternative financing of different sorts. Features of an energy services contractare spelled out. Brief introductions to the key players are offered: municipalcollaboratives, utilities, energy service companies (ESCOs), financialinstitutions. The key issues are summarized: optimal rates of return, "creamskimming" versus deep retrofits, program ev aluation, overcoming bureaucraticfragmentation. Some case studies of best practices are offered: the State of Iowa's Energy Bank Program; the cities of Leicester and Oslo, Phoenix, Sacramento and Toronto. A Glossary is included.

Available from the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives(ICLEI), City Hall, East Tower, 8th floor, Toronto, M5H 2N2, tel. (416) 392-1462,fax (416) 392-1478.

Solar Energy in Canada and a number of related reports are available from Jimmy Royer, Solener Inc., 442 rue Lavigueur, Quebec City, Que. G1R 1B5 for $5 each. Asummary of the report in the CanSIA Bulletin, January 1994 looks at the role ofrenewable energy technologies in Canadian policy (and finds it relatively minorto date). The Department of Natural Resources has an Efficiency and AlternativeEnergy program is more heavily weighted toward efficiency than alternativesources. The Canadian renewable energy industry is small, but growing rapidly andwith appropriate measures could respond quick ly to global demand.

Independent Energy magazine provides a catalogue of reports and reprints, the1993 Market Analysis Catalogue being the recent issue. Contact IndependentEnergy, 620 Central Ave. N., Milaca, MN 56353-1788 USA.

The Electronic Registry will allow users access to pertinent environmental information through simple search functions and user-friendly menu selections.Efforts are underway to make it accessible through a home, office or librarycomputer and modem system, and on ex iating network, such as Internet and WEB. Information available will include: 1) draft and final statements ofenvironmental values. Draft statements will be online on May 15 and finalstatements by Nov. 15, 1994. 2) Environmentally significant proposals fo decisions on policies, Acts and Regulations to be covered by the EnvironmentalBill of Rights (see Ontaio Regulation 73/94). 3) Appeals on instruments and courtactions as a result of law suits. The Electronic Registry is to be in operationby May 15.

The Canadian Electricity Forum's electronic book list

Empowerment Resources Online Bookstore

European Media Marketing Site Limited is the home for information on a major international publication and conference on sustainable energy
The promoters say it "is the leading international and quaterly journal to give an at a glance look at what is new in renewables."

Industry and the Environment, the directory put out by the federal government of Canadian environmental firms, has just become available. Volume one listsmanufacturers, volume 2 lists services. Companies are listed by product orservice and profiled in a separate section. Available from the Consulting andEngineering Services Directorate, Service and Construction Industries Branch, 235Queen St., Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0H5, fax (613) 954-1894.

EcoScan, a monthly compilation of articles referring to the environment takenfrom 35 newspapers and 5 periodicals in Canada. $814 for 12 i ssues or $98 for asingle issue, discounts for non-profit, also available on disk. From the DenbyGroup, 56-2115 Erinbrook Crescent, Ottawa Ont. K1B 4J5, tel. (613) 736-9389, tel.(613) 736-9576.

The 1993 Climate Change Survey Report, prepared for t he Ontario Global Warming Coalition and dated Nov. 4, 1993, is available from the Canadian Institute forEnvironmental Law and Policy, 517 College St. suite 400, Toronto M6G, 4A2, tel.(416) 923-3529, fax (416) 923-5949. Responses on 12 questions relating to CO2 reduction strategies from 27 corporations, 17 mayors, 11 municipal electricalutilities, Maurice Strong, Bob Rae, and Jean Chretien.

Round Table Talk, a newsletter from the Round Table on Environment and theEconomy. Free. 1 Dundas St. W., ste. 2502, box 4, Toronto, Ont. M5G 1Z3, tel(416) 327-7029, fax (416) 327-2197.

The Green List, a Guide to Canadian Environmental Organizations and Agencies,lists close to 2000 groups, as well as industry associations and governmentcontacts. $50, fro m the Canadian Environmental Network, box 1289, Stn. B, OttawaOnt. K1P 5R3, fax (613) 563-7236.

1994/5 International Directory of Electric Utilities, $245, from McGraw HillInc., 11 W. 19th St., 2nd floor, New York, NY 10011, tel. (212) 337-4080, fax(212) 627-3811.

Waste Management Compliance: the 3Rs Regulations, $185 + GST, from Insight Press,55 University Ave., suite 1700, Toronto Ont. M5J 2V6, tel. (416) 777-1363, fax(416) 777-1292.

Directory of Ontario Hazardous Waste Management Companies, 16 pp, no charge, fromthe Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Trade Development Branch,5th floor, Hearst Block, 900 Bay St., Toronto Ont., tel. (416) 325-6816, fax(416) 325-6653.

Energy Monitor is a twice yearly su rvey on energy use and policy: The Home EnergyReport in winter, based on 2500 telephone calls, and the Energy Policy Report insummer, based on 1500 phone calls. Subscribers can be involved in questionnairedesign. $12,000 for both, or $8,000 and $7,000 res pectively. Contact Doug Miller,International Environmental Monitor Ltd., 100 Front St. E suite 300, Toronto M5A1E1, tel. (416) 230-2231, fax (416) 363-5156.

Canadian Environmental Regulation & Compliance News, $287 plus GST for one year(12 issues). Subscription includes Canada's Environmental Legislation, 1993edition, and You Are Being Investigated - What Do You Do?

The Corporate Ethics Monitor produces 'ethical profiles' of major companies inevery issue, six issues per year. $297 for one year, from EthicScan Canada,Lwrence Plaza Postal outlet, PO Box 54034, Toronto M6A 3B7. Reprints alsoavailable.

District Heating: Research and Technological Development in Denmark coverstechnical details of design and operation of DH systems, including transmission,distribution and connections. Other chapters cover maintenance, organization, andcase studies. Contact the Danish Ministry of Energy, Slotsholmsgade 1, DK-1216Copenhagen, or the Danish Energy Agency, Landemaerket 11, DK-1119 Copenhagen.

Royal Steward and Associates consists of twenty retired Ontario Hydro managersand professional training specialists who have formed a commercial alliance with BC Hydro, Saskpower, Manitoba Hydro and four academic institutions. Theorganization is able to provide training and educational services, such asexecutive development seminars, management development workshop s, and practicalelectrical utility management workshops. Programs are tailored to meet theparticular requirements of the client, from professional specialists to tradespersonnel. Royal Steward has a full database of recent Hydro retirees to call on.The Kempenfelt Conference Centre in Barrie, Ont. is available as venue. Contact Mr. Tom W. Robinson, general manager, 7A South Balsam St., Uxbridge, Ont. L9P1E9, tel. (905) 852-1980, fax (905) 852-7519.

CADDET (Centre for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated EnergyTechnologies) Renewable Energy newsletter, for Êhigh quality informationË onrenewable energy demonstration projects. Contact CADDET Centre for RenewableEnergy, ETSU, B153, Harwell, Oxfordshire, OX11 OR A, UK.

Taxing Energy: Why and How. Reviews the energy tax regimes of selected OECD countries, analyzes reasons for energy taxation, explores other uses for energytaxes than revenue. Case studies from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, US.From the OECD/International Energy Agency.

International Private Power Quarterly reviews one country at a time, looking atongoing solicitations, project proposals, political and business climate, anddetails like business, utility and government contacts. $695/ yr. ContactInternational Private Power Quarterly, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1221 Avenue of theAmericas, New York NY USA 10020, tel (212) 512-6410, fax (212) 512-2723. Alsofrom McGraw-Hill; Gas Utility Report, $525/yr.

Canadian Wind Energy Directory. Available from the Canadian Wind EnergyAssociation, 250 - 2415 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ont. K1V 7P2, tel (613) 737-0524, fax(613) 736-8938. The Association also publishes a newsletter, available tomembers; membership from $30/year for students to $300 for companies.

The Ozone Layer Dictionary covers concepts and terminology relating tophysio-chemical reactions in the atmosphere, atmospheric layers, and skin cancersymptomatology. $36.95, from Canada Communications Group - Publishing, Ottawa, Ont., K1A 0S9, tel (819) 956-4800, fax (819) 994-1498.

1994 Electrical World Directory of Electric Utilities. Information on 3500+utilities, with contact people, in Canada and the US. Includes ElectricGenerating Units, a computer database of 2739 units of 50MW and up. Alsoavailable: 1994 Execlabel, a computer database of the names and addresses listedin the Directory. Directory $395, $795 additional for Execlabel.

- The Many Perspectives of Sustainable Development
- Regional Economic Mode ls for Sustainability Analysis

The above reports are available from the Centre for Sustainable RegionalDevelopment, at the Univesity of Victoria, PO Box 1700, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2,tel. (604) 721-2513.

New Energy Technology, 21 peer-reviewed papers in power generation, transmission,etc. $12, from the Planetary Association for Clean Energy, 100 Bronson Ave.,suite 1001, Ottawa, Ont. K1R 6G8, tel. (613) 236-6265, fax (613) 235-5876.

Environment on Trial, A Guide to Ontario Environment al Law and Policy, 3rd ed.
$44, from Emond Montgomery Publications Ltd., 58 Shaftesbury Ave., Toronto, Ont.M4T 1A3, tel. (416) 975-3924, fax (416) 975-3925. Also available:- Prosecution and Defense of Environmental Offences ($195)
- The Key to Environmental Compliance: How to Avoid Environmental Liability ($28)
- Environmental Protection Legislation: Recommendations and Guidance on BoardroomPractice ($20)
- Coming Clean: Corporate Environmental Reporting ($25)
- Business Strategy for Sustainabl e Development: Leadership and Accountabilityfor the _90_s ($35)
- The Federal Law of Environmental Assessment ($34)
- Environmental Law and Policy ($90)

The Canada Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) is a voluntary undertaking by Canadian industries in the manufacturing and mining sectors toincrease energy efficiency and stabilize CO2 emissions at 1990 levels.Participation is possible on several sectoral task force teams. Contact CIPECSecretariat, 4th floor, 75 International Blvd., Toronto, M9W 6L9, tel. (416)798-8155, fax (416) 798-9174.

Modern Power Principles and Heat Rate Improvement: Video-based training programsfrom NUS Training Corp., 910 Copper Rd., Gaithersburg, MD USA 20878-1399,1-800-848-1717 / (301) 258- 2500.

Course Handbooks from Infocast available: Private Power in the Pacific Rim,Private Power in Latin America, Private Power Development Opportunities in India,Making Worldwide Infrastructure Financeable: Private/Public Risk Shari ng, ProjectFinance: The Tutorial, Project Finance for Environmental Facilities, Resolvingthe Troubled Project Financing, Project Finance for Non-Power Projects, AccessingCapital Markets for Project Debt, Advanced Concepts in Project Finance,Fundamentals o f Utility Financial Analysis, Utility Regulation and Rate Design,Integrated Resource Planning, Competitive Sourcing of Retail Electric Power forIndustrial Organization, Power Transmission: Access, Pricing and Regulation,Rescuing Troubled Projects in Calif ornia, Siting Electric Generating Facilities,The Secondary Market for Non-Utility Generators, Asset Management for Non-UtilityGenerators, Successful Operations and Maintenance for Independent PowerFacilities.

National Environmental Business Newsletters: The Environmental Affairs Branch ofIndustry Canada publishes two newsletters: ÊBusiness of the Environment,Ë andÊTowards a Balance.Ë Subscribe to them free by writing John Mahalus,Environmental Affairs Branch, Industry Canada, 235 Queen St. Ottawa , K1A 0H5.613-954-1890 fax 613-952-9564. The Canadian Embassy in the US publishes the ÊUSEnvironmental MarketË. Contact Peter Drabble at 202-682-7740 or fax 202-682-7619.

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