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From the Canadian Electricity Association (

More publications are available from the CEA at the following location :

From the IESO:

A presentation from 2007 that outlined some of the issues affecting operation of the electricity system in Ontario at that time:

"Ontario's Reliability Outlook"
Derek Cowbourne, a former Chief Operating Officer of the IESO provided an update on the province's reliability outlook and outlined the path Ontario was taking towards a greener future at Hydro Ottawa's Power A Green Future - 2007 Energy & Conservation Symposium on November 13, 2007.

Further educational resources:

ON-SITE Training places entry-level, salary-free professionals with Canadian employers for 26 week terms to assist them in many fields including energy management.

The Canadian Institute for Energy Training, (formerly CEMET) at Durham College, has prepared a group of Renewable Energy Training Packages
More information from: Cheryl Bird, CIET, 2000 Simcoe St. N., PO Box 385, Oshawa, L1H 7L7 at 1-800-461-7618 (toll-free) or (905) 721-3050 fax 721-3182 Pickering, Ont.
For further examples of Renewable Energy Training Packages, produced for these people in March 1995, contact the respective industry associations for Small Hydro, Wind, Photovoltaics, Biomass, and District Energy, you can seek contacts for the above through the contractor on the project, REIC:

Mr. Brian Marshall, Senior Consultant
REIC / Renewable Energy In Canada
15010 Yonge Street
Aurora, Ont. L4G 1M6
905-841-5551 fax 905-841-6744

Seneca College's Energy Training Ontario site

The Utah State University's Energy Web is a cornucopia of educational resources related to energy

The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales offers a range of Residential Courses and other educational resources

Columbia University's Earth Engineering Center and a new program of M.S. in Earth Engineering on subjects relating to sustainable development and industrial ecology, and sustainable provision of energy.

The International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) in Enschede, the Netherlands offers Master of Science degree course with specialisation in Rural Energy and Development

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association provides education and demonstration, on the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

For kids, there is The Energy Educators of Ontario site.

On This Site there's a description of a Dutch educational project in which students can experience the possibilities and problems of sustainable energy use at home.

National High Schoool Debate website on the value of renewables

The Washington State University Co-operative Extension Energy Program offers many resources once provided by the government, and its Renewables Program specializes in solar, wind and alternative fuels.

Gator Power at the University of Florida has on-line cogeneration manuals and scads of other resources.

On Line course in Alternative Energy

IREC's Workshop in a Box Program focuses on training local decision-makers in solar energy purchase options

The Centre for Environmental Education has lots of sustainable energy information and a searchable database

Solar Energy International (SEI) provides "hands-on" education and technical assistance for planning, designing, and building renewable energy systems and environmentally friendly homes.

BC Hydro's education pages has a set of educational materials on line.

Planet Energy The Planet Energy site provides information on renewable energy for students and teachers. The teacher section includes an overview of renewable energy technologies and student exercises. The student section, which is divided into pages for 7-11 year olds and 12-16 year olds, provides information about renewable energy technologies, student activities, and a quiz for students to take after they have followed the "Renewable Energy Trail." The site also includes frequently asked questions about renewables, Planet Energy contacts, and a list of related organizations. Planet Energy was developed by ETSU (Energy Technology Support Unit) for the United Kingdom's Department of Trade and Industry.

A wide variety of Educational Resources and Training Materials are listed below:

  1. the National Centre for Sustainability has an online education program about sustainable development. It also has a link with a British Columbia address
  2. New Perspectives on Environmental Education and Research
  3. Solar Energy International has a well-developed education program.
  4. The US-based Native American Energy and Minerals Institute offers an unusual educational program.
  5. The Kortright Centre offers excellent educational programs on energy
  6. West Texas State University's Alternative Energy Institute has lots of educational program material on wind and solar
  7. The World Bank's site on power projects, rural development and related issues
  8. The National Energy Foundation (UK) is an independent educational charity in the UK. Its objective is to work for the more efficient, innovative, and safe use of energy and to increase the public awareness of energy in all its aspects.
  9. National Energy Foundation (US)Teachers and students (K-12) looking for information on renewables should come to the National Energy Foundation's home page. The publication, "Science Projects in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency," back issues of NEF's newsletter, "The Energist," and colorful posters depicting renewable energy technologies are among the materials that can be ordered through this site.
  10. Canadian Environmental Faxletter A weekly source of current environmental intelligence. $120 for a 12-week trial subscription. Call 905-238-6074 in Toronto, or 1-800-263-4374 outside Toronto to order, or for more information.
  11. Canadian Environmental Journal A quarterly newsletter published by GreenVIEWS. For information, call (416)363-5577. Changing Times A quarterly newsletter of the Canadian Council for Human Resources in the environment Industry. For information, call (403)233-0748.
  12. Current Competition An American 8-page, bi-weekly report giving insite, advise and information on the power market. Includes RFPs in the works, potential market opportunities, regulations and bidding updates and activities. Cost is $297 (US) for a one year subscription (25 issues). Pasha Publications Inc., PO Box 9188, Arlington, VA, 22219-1188. Call 1-800-424-2908 or fax to 1-703-528- 3742.
  13. Gas Transportation Report Weekly, user-friendly updates on available and brokered capacity, discounts, system bottlenecks, new construction and FERC filings and decisions. Cost is $367 for a one year subscription (50 issues). Send to Pasha Publications Inc., Dept. 5D, PO Box 9188, Arlington, VA, 22219-1188, call 1-800-424- 2908 or fax 703-528-3742.
  14. Geopolitics of Energy A monthly journal on geopolitical developments affecting the global energy market. It provides analysis, information, perspectives and fresh ideas on the political and economic factors affecting energy and their impact on national energy policies, the international environment and prices. Price is $375 (US) for 15 issues. Available from Canadian Energy Research Institute, #150, 3512-33 Street NW, Calgary, AB, T2L 2A6
  15. Greener Management International A quarterly journal of corporate environmental strategy and practice. The cost is $199 for 4 issues (Canadian funds in Canada, US funds elsewhere). Send cheques payable to Greenleaf Publishing. Send to Contemporary Information Analysis Ltd., 2 Lakeview Dr., Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 5A5. Call 905- 643-1094, fax 416-863-6230 or via Internet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  16. Hydro Review The magazine of the North American Hydroelectric Industry published 8 times per year. A one year subscription is $94 Canadian, $65 American or $79 (US) for international orders. Send to: HCI Publications, 410 Archibald St., Kansas City, MO, 64111- 3046 or call 816-931-1311.
  17. Independent Energy Provides valuable, in-depth information you can use to identify new markets and business opportunities. Published 10 times a year. Call 612-983-6892 for information on subscribing.
  18. Independent Power Markets Quarterly Published 3 times a year covering the independent energy sector of Canada and the US. A subscription is $625 per year, call 1-800-223-6180.
  19. Independent Power Report A bi-weekly newsletter by McGraw Hill covering the latest news in independent power anround the world. A one-year subscription costs $865, call 1-800-223-6180.
  20. Independent private Power Quarterly A country-by-country review of 48 countries, updated every 3 months. A subscription is $795 per year, call 1-800-223-6180.
  21. Power In Asia A magazine exploring energy opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia and New Zealand. For information, contact: Financial Times, Marketing Department, Number One Southwark Bridge, London, UK, SE1 9HL, call 0171-873-3000 or fax 0171-873-3935.
  22. Project Finance Monthly The critical source for the project finance and power industry. The cost is $245 for 12 monthly issues. To order, call Infocast
  23. SOL: The Solar Energy Society of Canada Newsletter A newsletter for Canada's solar energy industries and supporters. Available with membership in SESCI. Call 613-523-0974 for membership and newletter information.
  24. The Solar Letter A bi-weekly international newsletter on all aspects of renewable energy. For information, call Allan L. Frank Associates at (301)565-2532.
  25. Technology Focus: CANMET Published 3 times a year by CANMET of Natural Resources Canada and distributed free of charge to clients, research organizations, employees and interested parties. To begin recieveing copies, call the Communications Officer, Office of Strategic Analysis and Coordination, CANMET at 613-995-6190.
  26. World Energy Council Journal A monthly publication of the World Energy Council to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all. Call Int. +44-171-930-3966 for information.
  27. Aboriginal Peoples and Natural Resources in Canada Explores the constraints and opportunities which aboriginal people encounter in their efforts to use renewable and non-renewable resources. publication #ISBN 1-895712-03-3, cost is $35 for the 337 page book. To order, call (416)736-5537.
  28. Achieving the Holy Grail? A Legal & Political Analysis of Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights An 80 page document examining the origins of the EBR and its implications. Send $25 plus 15% for shipping and handling to CIELAP, 517 College St., Suite 400, Toronto, ON, M6G 4A2 or call 416-923-3529.
  29. Buyers' Guide to Energy Performance Contracting Targeted at building and facility managers who are concidering using ESCOs to implement energy efficiency projects. For information, contact: Marion Fraser, SRC Canada at 416-960-6328.
  30. Canadian Home Builders' Association Builders' Manual widely considered the Bible of the residential construction industry, includes techniques pioneered in the R-2000 program. The cost is $55 plus $3.85 GST (mailing costs are included). Make cheques payable to CHBA and send to: Bulders' Manual Sales, Canadian Home Builders' Association, 150 Laurier Ave. W., Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J4.
  31. Canadian Institute for Environmental Law & Policy Numerous books, briefs and reports are available. Call CIELAP at 416-923-3529 for information and a complete list of publications.
  32. Canadian Municipal Environmental Directory Published by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the directory provides information on more than 1,200 municipal environmental initiatives across Canada. It also lists over 3,200 environmental contacts. Cost is $79.95 plus GST. For more information, contact the FCM at 613-241-5221.
  33. China Power Projects Directory A complete guide to China's power industries. Cost is $199 (US) plus $10.00 shipping and handling. Send to: Independent Energy, 620 Central Ave. N., Milica, MN, 56353; call 612-983-6892; or fax 612-983-6893.
  34. Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia A new 770 page encylcopedia covering every aspect of conservation and evironmentalism. Published by Garland Publishing, 717 Fifth Ave., New York, NY, 10022. For information, call 212-751-7447. Consumer's Guide: Keeping the Heat In. Tells how to retrofit all kinds of homes, in all parts of Canada, for energy efficiency. Available from Energy Publications, c/o Canada Communications Group, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0S9.
  35. Daylighting in Architecture A guide to taking full advantage of the sun in architecture. Cost is $95 (US). To order, call James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd. in the UK at +44-71-284-3833.
  36. The Design and Operation of Ice-Slurry Based District Cooling Systems A CANMET publication. For information, call C.Snoek at (613)992-1832.
  37. Electricity Regulation in the Netherlands A new guide to Dutch electricity law from DSWO Ress-Leiden University. Order from DSWO Press, Leiden University, Pieter de la Court Building, Box 9555 2300 RB Leiden, the Netherlands, or call +31 ( 0)71-273795/3794
  38. Energy from Waste: Best Practice Guide A free guide for local authorities and private sector developers of municipal solid waste combustion and related projects. Send to Renewable Energy Enquiries Bureau, ETSU, Harwell, Oxfordshire OX11 ORA, UK.
  39. Energy from Waste Plants By the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), General Secretariat, Bremerholm 1, DK-1069 Copenhagen K, Denmark. The cost is DKr380.
  40. Environmental Auditing A free, 94 page publication of the US General Accounting Office. Document #GAO/RCED-95-37. To order, call the office of the superintendent of documents at (202)512-6000 or fax to (301)258-4066.
  41. Environmental Restructuring of the Ontario Economy A report by the Ontario Ministry of Environment & Energy analyzing the relationship between the environment and Ontario's economic structure. This, and other MOEE reports are available by calling the MOEE Public Information Centre at 416-323-4321 or 1-800-565-4923.
  42. European Directory of Energy Efficient Building, 1994 Contains a wide range of articles, plus detailed listings of over 1,500 European companies in the field of energy efficient building. Cost is $75 (US). For information on ordering, call James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd. in the UK at +44-71-284-3833.
  43. European Directory of Renewable Energy Suppliers & Services, 1994 The largest and most comprehensive guide to the ever-expanding field of renewable energy in Europe. Cost is $75 (US). To order, call James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd. in the UK at +44-71- 284-3833.
  44. Foreign Investment in Chile: Journal of International Banking Law A legal reference text for anyone intending to invest in Chile. For information, E-mailt: twldchile eview.tx5
  45. Government Institutes' International Best Sellers 1995 America's leading company for environmental, health and safety information and training for over 20 years has over 300 publications available. For a free catalogue, call 301-921-2355.
  46. Guide to Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations and the Compliancy Policy for the EEA and Energy Efficiency Regulations Available free by writing: Energy Publications, c/o Canada Communication Group, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0S9; or faxing to 819-994-1498
  47. Guide to Canadian Grants & Assistance Programs from government & private sources. (over 1500 programs on Business, Export/Import, Employment, R&D, Natural Resources/Envirionment, Farming, Tourism, the Arts) Book format (350+ pages): $99.00; Software format (Win 3.1/95): $99.00;
    Contact: Canada Grants Service, 100 - 2 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON M4W 3E2 1-800-464-2048 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:
  48. Guide to Residential Wood Heating An excellent resource for those looking into or currently using wood as a home heating fuel. Available from Energy Publications, c/o Canada Communications Group, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0S9
  49. Handbook of Environmental Compliance in Ontario Offers a practical and succinct presentation of environmental issues and is designed to help environmental professionals understand a wide range of situations, be aware of their responsibilities, and formulate timely responses. Cost is $49.95 plus 7% GST. Send to: McGraw Hill Ryerson Ltd., Professional Books, 300 Water St., Whitby, ON, L1N 9B6; or call 1-800-565-5758.
  50. Households and the Environment A study by Statistics Canada available by calling 613-951-4643.
  51. Human Activity and the Environment 1994 A Statistics Canada publication that provides current and comprehensive data on population, economic activities and the links between them. Contact the Marketing Division of Statistics Canada at 1-800-267-6677. For the electronic version, call 613-951-3640.
  52. Hydropower Engineering Handbook Covers preliminary investigations, equipment design and specification, site design, environmental effects and plant operation. Cost is $103 (Can). To order, call (816)931-1311.
  53. Hydro Wheels: A Guide to Maintaining and Improving Hydro Units Covers maintenance programs as well as the diagnosis and remedy of common turbine runner problems. Cost is $84 (Can). To order, call (816)931-1311.
  54. Independent Energy: 1995 International Competitive Power Industry Directory An exclusive guide to every key business in independent power, including over 1,300 companies and over 14,000 listings. Price is $75 (US) plus $8.50 shipping and handling (No. B9410). Send to: Independent Energy, 620 Central Ave. N., Milaca, MN, 56353; call 612-983-6892; or fax 612-983-6893.
  55. Infocast Library contains the speeches and supplementary information given at each of more than 30 conferences held annually by Infocast, spanning every major trend in the electric power industry. Tutorial and institute books also offer the latest case studies used to train each class. For a listing of available publications, call Infocast
  56. Intergovernmental Committee on Urban & Regional Research Several reports are available on municipal environmental issues. For information, contact ICURR at 416-973-5629.
  57. International Directory of New & Renewable Energy Information Sources & Research Centres Details over 4000 new and renewable information centres from 150 different countries. Cost is $135 (US). To order, call James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd. in the UK at +44-71-284-3833.
  58. Le Solaire Pour Les Pays en Developpement L'ouvrage de 172 pages est disponsible aupres de l'IEPF, 56 Rue Saint Pierre, 3e Etage, Quebec, Qc, G1K 4A1, au prix de 12$, Editions et Diffusion Quadrichromie, 1993, 172 pages.
  59. New Society Publishers Offering a wide variety of books to build a sustainable society. For information and lists of publications available, contact: New Society Publishers, PO Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC, V0R 1X0; or call 604-247-9737.
  60. CCME's World Wide Web site (the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment)
  61. 1995 Technology Report: Land, Sea & Air An annual publication by the International Gas Turbine Institute of teh American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the report summarizes their activities and accomplishments during the past year. For information, call 404- 847-0072.
  62. 1994 US Cogeneration & Independent Power Plant Database & Directory Offers vital information on more than 4,500 cogeneration and independent power plants in the US. Available on disk (IBM or Macintosh) for $350 (No. SR942), Book for $200 (No. SR941, or both formats for $450 (No. SR943). Send, along with $13 for shipping and handling, to: Independent Energy, 620 Central Ave. N., Milaca, MN, 56353; call 612-983-6892; or fax 612-983-6893.
  63. 1993 Biomass Energy Directory A 90 page directory of the global biomass market. Cost is $27 (US) plus $6 shipping and handling. Send to: Independent Energy, 620 Central Ave. N., Milaca, MN, 56353; call 612-983-6892; or fax 612-983-6893.
  64. Ontario Beyond Tomorrow The last publication of the now disbanded Ontario Premier's Council is a collection of ideas for building a sustainable society. Available free from the Publications Ontario Bookstore, Main Floor, 880 Bay Street, Toronto or call 416-326- 5320.
  65. Photovoltaics: A Market Overview A complete, up-to-date assessment of this burgeoning market. Cost is $150 (US). To order, call James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd. in the UK at +44-71-284-3833. Power Privatization in Ontario Energy Probe's position paper on reform of Ontario Hydro. For information, call Thomas Adams at (416)964-9223, ext.239.
  66. Power Working Papers Numerous papers published by the University of California Energy Institute are available on various topics affecting the international energy sector at a cost of $3.50 (US) each (bulk prices are available). For information and a complete list of titles, call 510-642-9588.
  67. Promotional Manual for District Energy Systems A CANMET publication, for information, call C. Snoek at (613)992-1832. Putting the Environment in Environmental Industry Strategies This 75 page study examines the role of environmental industries in restructuring for sustainability. Send $25 plus 15% shipping and handling to CIELAP, 517 College St., Suite 400, Toronto, ON, M6G 4A2 or call 416-923-3529.
  68. Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the House of Commons Write: the Office of the Auditor General, Audit Operations Branch, 240 Sparks St., Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G6; or on-line at the Government
  69. Information Finder Technology Site at Standards Council of Canada Nine environmental management standards in the International Organization for Standardization's ISO 14000 series developed by the ISO Technical Committee 207 are now available. For information, or to order, call 613-238-3222 or 1- 800-267-8220.
  70. State of Environment Report Bulletins Numerous bulletins are available on energy, climate change, and other topics from Environment Canada. Call 1-800-668-6767 for more information.
  71. Sun Independent Power Systems Catalogue and Design Manual a 114 page extensive listing of renewable energy products including solar electric (PV), wind generators and hydroelectric systems. Available from Prometheus Energy, 400 Creditstone Rd., Unit 33, Concord, ON, L4K 3Z3 for $7.00.
  72. Taxation of Virgin & Recycled Materials: Analysis & Policy A Canadian Environmental Industry Association report on Canada's taxation system for materials and how they affect recycling. Available through Envirogram at 204-948-2090.
  73. 3Rs Resources A wide range of proceedings, papers, directories and books are available covering recycling, composting and other green issues and industries. Call the Recycling Council of Canada at 416- 960-0938 in Toronto or 1-800-263-2849 for information or a complete list of publications. On-line services are also available.
  74. Understanding ESCOs: A Guide To Energy Performance Contracting for Canadian Energy Utilities Provides information that utilities should understand in order to help them help their customers make the best decisions with respect to energy performance contracting. For information, contact Marion Fraser, SRC Canada at 416-960-6328.
  75. Winning Back the Words Confronting experts in an environmental public hearing, based on the Alberta-Pacific Bleached Kraft Pulp Mill Hearings and how the public challenged the authority of experts. 192 pages for $16.95, add 15% for shipping and handling. Send to The Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, 517 College St., Suite 400, Toronto, ON, M6G 4A2, call 416-923-3529 or fax 416-923-5949.
  76. World Energy Council Publications WEC publishes numerous reports on international energy and energy-related environmental issues and developments. For a list of available publications, contact: The World Energy Council, 34 St. James's St., London, UK, SW1A 1HD; call Int. +44-171-930-3966; or fax Int. +44-171-925-0452.
  77. Affordable Comfort Conferences dealing with energy efficiency, weatherization, home environmental quality and housing performance at This site
  78. Alternative Fuels Data Center Accurate, objective information and statistics about alternative fuels at Alternatives BBS: Energy Contains articles from many different sources on the following topics: energy (general), alternative energy, home energy, home energy production & conservation, renewable energy newsletters, sustainability, nuclear power, electric cars and transportation/transit
  79. American Solar Energy Society Membership information, publications, fact sheets and more at This site
  80. Ananda Power Technologies Information from this renewable energy equipment manufacturer, including product info, dealer names, and special offers at
  81. Antony Marmont Sustainable Energy Technology Centre Contains research papers, catalogs, references and other related materials from the DeMontfort University Research Centre in the UK at
  82. ASHRAE Web site for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. at
  83. Association of Energy Service Professionals An association of nearly 2000 utility executives, consultants, manufacturers, researchers, government regulators, and others concerned with promoting energy efficiency and value at
  84. Azienda Electtrica Municipale An Italian energy company specializing in hydroelectric energy at
  85. Berkeley National Laboratories' Energy & Environment Division at
  86. Bibliography of Selected Sustainable Energy Resources at
  87. Bioenergy & Latin America Information at,-the-association-of-power-producers-of-ontario1
  88. Biofuels Information Network Part of the US Department of Energy Biofuels Systems Division outreach activities at
  89. Biomass Energy Alliance A focus on US legislation and related affairs in Washington at
  90. Canadian Bar Association: Environmental Law Programme Audiotapes of the programme, "How To Distinguish Between the Good, Bad & Ugly," are available by calling 1-416-869-1233 or 1-800-668-8900.
  91. Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants: Environmental Stewardship CICA's Internet site, launched in September, 1995, is Under the "What's New" heading, look for
  92. "Environmental Stewardship: Management, Accountability and the Role of Chartered Accountants. An extensive and annotated list of on- line environmental resources, "Links to Environmental Resources," can be found at
  93. Easy Residential Energy Audit System A demo and custom programming services available for downloading at
  94. Environmental Registry Provides general information on Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights regulations, phase-in schedules and Statements of Environmental Values for Ontario government ministries. To plug in to the registry free of charge from the Toronto area, dial (416)327-3000. Outside Toronto, dial 1-800-667- 9979. From the intoductory menu screen, choose Environmental Bill of Rights. You can also connect to the registry via Internet and a number of Freenets.
  95. International District Energy Association (IDEA) Web site located at For a free subscription, send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with no subject and with the message: subscribe holly. If you have any questions or problems, e-mail Morris Pierce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  96. Inside Britain Series: Renewable Energy A series of 30 10 minute videotapes looking at various forms of renewable energy available for free loan. For information, please contact: Mavis Lake, British Information Services, 80 Elgin St., Ottawa, ON, K1P 5K7; or call 613-237-1542, ext. 356.
  97. Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA) OCETA's home address at
  98. Premier of Ontario Access through the electronic bulletin board system and the Internet to information from teh Premier's office, including speeches, news releases and itineraries. Internet address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  99. Recycling Council of Ontario Direct access to all RCO resources and the Internet at Also has 3R Source Waste Management Information Software available on disk. For information, call RCO at 416-960-1025.
  100. The Source for Renewable Energy A comprehensive directory of businesses who manufacture, distribute or service renewable energy products, organized by geographic location, by business type and by product type at Source/renewableEnergy/.
  101. University of Windsor's Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing Lab Infobase for mailing lists, conferences, publications and information at
  102. Bio Energy Technology Help and Information Beth Candlish PhD offers the following services: information on contracts/tenders, a monthly newsletter, 'The Bioenergy List', customers/manufacturers looking for particular services/markets and specific topic information. For information, call (403)244-5081.
  103. Canadian Global Emissions Inventory Centre (CGEIC) Formed jointly by the Atmospheric Environment Service of Environment Canada and ORTECH Corp. to facilitate the transfer of existing emissions data. Data is customized to meet the requirements of the user. For more information, call Trevor Scholtz at (905)822-4111, ext. 524. Contemporary Information Analysis Ltd. Providing sustainable development strategies for business and cost effective environmental programs. For information, call 416-726-8015.
  104. Export Market Studies Developed by the Ontario International Trade Corporation, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the Federal Government. These sources have specific information on sectors of opportunity to help you assess the economy and business environment in your target market. For information, call Canada/Ontario Business Service Centre at (416)954-4636.
  105. Government Institutes' International Best Sellers 1995 Courses Offering over 200 public education programs on environmental, health and safety topics since 1973. For information and course outlines, call 301-921-2345.
  106. Northstar Trade Finance Inc. Brining together the export strengths of the Bank of Montreal, the BC Trade Development Corp., the Ontario International Trade Corp., and the Federal Government through the Export Development Corp. and Western Economic Diversification. Northstar provides medium term loans to foreign buyers on goods that have at least 50% Canadian content. For information or a complementary consultation, call 604-664-5828.
  107. Ontario Energy Corporation Investing in energy projects and related businesses. Emphasizing Northern Ontario projects, partnerships with First Nations groups and energy initiatives that produce maximum education, training and capacity development initiatives. For information, call (416)926-4200.
  108. Sizing Up: The International Private Power Market The report is the first objective, comprehensive and accurate picture of the international power business, covering all significant projects (including privatizations) outside the US and Canada. It is accompanied by a detailed database diskette describing ieach project by size (MW and $), fuel, developers and equity participants. For information, call Lou Carranza at (617)498-9107.
  109. UNESCO/ISEEK Energy Database Provides world-wide information on national government organizations, research centres, development centres, information centres, professional/trade associations, networks, training and education activities and facilities, databases/databanks, journals and reference publications and audiovisual aids from about 170 countries, international/regional organizations and United Nations organizations. Available in CD-ROM form for $80 from: UNESCO Publishing (UPO/V), UNESCO, 1, rue Miollis, 75732 Paris Cedex 15, France. Fax +33 1 42 73 30 07 or E- mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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