IPPSO Canadian Independent Power Conference November 27 & 28, 2000

Reserve your place now at what could be a very historic event in the Canadian power business, featuring, among many others:

Charles King, V.P. Market Services, New York Independent System Operator

Jim Baillie, Chair, Ontario Independent Market Operator

Hon. Jim Wilson, Ontario Minister of Energy Science and Technology

Floyd Laughren, Chair, Ontario Energy Board

Ron Osborne, President and CEO, Ontario Power Generation Inc.

Michael Trebilcock, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, and former Director of Research for the Market Design Committee

Your place in the new market

The Twelfth Annual Canadian Independent Power Conference and Trade Show

November 27 and 28, 2000, Sheraton Hotel, downtown Toronto

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Click here for the latest information on IPPSO's Emission Workshop "Emission Reporting and Trading" on November 6

Click here for information on the Market Readiness Workshops "IMO and NUG Contracts" on October 5, "Emission Reporting" on November 6, and "Selling through the IMO" in December (in PDF format)

- The Ontario Power Market is scheduled to open to competition in the next year, and other provinces are in various stages of market opening, creating major new opportunities and challenges for anyone who plans to buy or sell power in Canada in the near future. How will the system be managed and how can your company make the most of the new arrangements? IPPSO's 2000 conference will provide in-depth and up-to-date information on the functioning of crucial institutions such as the Independent Market Operator, the Ontario Energy Board, and the Ontario Hydro Successor companies.

- Topics will include: Transmission Access, the Regulatory Context, Green power marketing; Update on IMO developments; Ontario Energy Board licensing; OPGI decontrol, the role of local electric utilities; pricing issues, emission trading and management, and other key topics.

- Delegates will include top professionals, executives and policy-makers from industry, government, energy customers, and utilities across North America.

- The Trade Show is expected to feature the largest gathering of NUG industry players ever to assemble in Canada.

The Twelfth Annual Canadian Independent Power Conference and Trade Show

IPPSO is also offering a series of Market Readiness Workshops in advance of the conference, focussed on topics of particular interest to the power generation industry. For more details see the links above, or inquire at one of the numbers below.

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- Package pricing is available for those attending the conference and one or more workshops. Contact IPPSO at 416-322-6549 for more information. -

Payment must be received by September 1 for the early discounts. Refunds will not necessarily be issued for cancellations after October 15. Cancellation fee may apply.

Conference fees, trade show fees and IPPSO membership fees are all subject to G.S.T., (Refundable to non-Canadians) GST# 125298802

Accommodation is limited -- attendees are advised to reserve space at the Sheraton Hotel by September 30. Special IPPSO rates are available. Call 416-361-1000 or 1-800-325-3535.

To submit your completed form, or for further information, please contact: IPPSO

Independent Power Producers' Society of Ontario (IPPSO)
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