APPrO statement on the OPA announcement of October 16 2006

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For immediate release: October 16, 2006

APPrO congratulates winners of CHP contracts

TORONTO, October 16, 2006 – The Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO) has extended its congratulations to the successful proponents in the Ontario Power Authority’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) RFP. The OPA announced earlier today that it had signed contracts with seven high-efficiency combined heat and power projects (also known as co-generation) across Ontario, with a combined electrical capacity of 414 MW, earlier today.


The successful projects are:


Great Northern Tri-Gen Facility

Community                         Kingsville

Electricity Capacity             11.5MW

Proponent                          Soave Hydroponics Company

Thermal Host                      Great Northern Hydroponics

Description                         Greenhouse


Countryside London Cogeneration

Community                         London

Electricity Capacity             12MW

Proponent                          Countryside London Cogeneration Corp.

Thermal Host                      Countryside District Energy

Description                         District energy for Industrial and Commercial Facilities


Warden Energy Centre CHP

Community                         Markham        

Electricity Capacity             5MW

Proponent                          Markham District Energy

Thermal Host                      Markham District Energy

Description                         District energy for commercial, institutional and residential buildings

Durham College CHO District Energy Project

Community                         Oshawa           

Electricity Capacity             2.3MW           

Proponent                          Oshawa PUC Energy Services Inc.                  

Thermal Host                      Durham College

Description                         District energy for college buildings


Algoma Energy By-Product Cogeneration

Community                         Sault Ste. Marie           

Electricity Capacity             63MW

Proponent                          Algoma Energy L.P.

Thermal Host                      Algoma Steel Inc.

Description                         Steel Mill


Thorold Cogeneration Project

Community                         Thorold           

Electricity Capacity             236.4MW

Proponent                          Thorold CoGen L.P. a subsidiary of Northland power Inc.

Thermal Host                      Abitibi Consolidated

Description                         Paper Mill


East Windsor Cogeneration Centre

Community                         Windsor

Electricity Capacity             84MW

Proponent                          East Windsor Cogeneration L.P.

Thermal Host                      Ford Motor Company

Description                         Engine Plant

"These projects are important for
Ontario’s electricity system, and the provincial economy, and show that Ontario power producers, industries and communities can come together to bring economically attractive, high efficiency power projects to the table,” said APPrO President David Butters.

Butters noted that the OPA identified a number of potentially attractive projects which could not go forward. “We encourage the OPA to continue work with government and stakeholders to address these issues in a next phase of procurement, and eliminate barriers and technical complications that might stand in the way of more CHP in the future”, he said.

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