Advocacy initiatives in 2016 - 2017

 ·         Only APPrO focuses 100% on the business issues of power producers in Ontario. APPrO gets results through purposeful and cost-effective advocacy, while providing great networking opportunities and industry information to its members.


·         APPrO meets regularly with the Ontario government and leaders and senior staff of the opposition parties, and the heads and staff of the IESO, central agencies and the OEB on larger scale policy issues.


·         APPrO continues to advocate for generator interests at the IESO on wide number of issues around market principles and rules through its Market Affairs Working Group. This Working Group has provided advice and guidance on matters of material commercial and/or operational significance relating to the existing IESO-administered markets, the future evolution of the markets, IESO stakeholder engagement processes, and other matters of commercial interest.


·         APPrO continues to participate in regulatory proceedings including Ontario Energy Board and IESO market operations, development and rules forums and other processes which impact its members’ business. For example:


- APPrO has been an active participant in the IESO’s Market Renewal Project including numerous submissions to on the Single Schedule Market, Day Ahead Market, Incremental Capacity Auction and an Enhanced Real-Time Unit Commitment as well as on enhanced decision-making processes regarding market rules and market manual amendments. APPrO is a member of the Market Renewal Working Group, the steering committee for the Market Renewal Project

- IESO’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) and Technical Panel (TP);

- A better accountability and governance model for the IESO and the electricity system in cooperation with other advocacy organizations;

- Ontario’s Cap and Trade program impact on contracted natural gas-fired generators;

- Union and Enbridge rate applications, capital expansions, deferral accounts and earnings sharing mechanisms proceedings, and Cap and Trade compliance plans;

- TransCanada Pipelines development proposals and related regulatory proceedings, where they are of concern to generators;

- IESO 2017 Expenditure and Revenue Requirement Application;

- The OEB Chair’s Advisory Roundtable;

- The OEB’s Regional Planning Process Advisory Group (RPPAG).


·         APPrO submitted substantive commentary on the province’s Long Term Energy Plan, addressing both the baseline data and the consultation process. In addition, APPrO filed a formal submission with the EBR in late 2016. Many of APPrO’s recommendations were reflected in the LTEP.


·         APPrO has been active with the IESO through the Non-Emitting Resources Stakeholder Committee (NERSC) in addressing the role of NERs in the future operation and development of the Ontario system.


·         APPrO has been actively engaged in formal and informal consultations on rate design and revenue decoupling with the OEB, generators, LDCs, and other stakeholders.


·         APPrO continues to advocate policy and regulatory initiatives that would make distributed generation more widely feasible in Ontario, monitoring rules and regulations as they are developed for their potential impact on distributed generation.


·         APPrO’s magazine, IPPSO FACTO, continued to publish leading edge news and analysis, in print and online, acting as a thought leader and dealing with some of the most critical transformative forces at work in the Canadian energy sector.


·         As well, the annual Canadian Power Conference and Trade Show is a key landmark in the sector. In 2017 more than 500 people from government, industry and the regulatory agencies gathered to discuss the latest issues and focus on how to promote the development of a more competitive market in Ontario.



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