Power – The untold story

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For immediate release: November 3, 2015:



Power – The untold story



Electricity decisions have the potential to make us richer or poorer, to drive innovation and to make our planet cleaner or dirtier.


Yet most people barely think about electricity - and hardly anyone is aware that it’s expected to attract $20 billion per year in new investment across Canada.


APPrO, the Association of Power Producers of Ontario, has released a new infographic, showcasing the untold story of power generation in Ontario. The new infographic is packed with critical facts and figures highlighting the importance of the power system and how it affects each of us in important ways. Or access it online at http://goo.gl/uM64sV 


"Electricity is a largely untold story," says APPrO President Dave Butters. "Not only is it vital to our quality of life and essential to our economy, it's also creating new jobs and environmental improvements.  The choices we make about it will have profound impacts on our future welfare and prosperity."


Debating these issues, and assessing options for moving from ideas to action, will be the focus of a series of discussions at APPrO 2015, the 27th Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre.


Register for the APPrO conference this coming November 17 and 18. And if you'd like a taste of what Canadian energy technology has in store for the future, sign up for the Energy Storage Forum, taking place on the same dates in the Power Networking Centre.



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For more information:

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Marketing Manager

APPrO, Association of Power Producers of Ontario

25 Adelaide St. East, Suite 1602

Toronto, Ontario, M5C 3A1

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