Storage reports released

For immediate release, April 8, 2015:


The Debut of new energy storage technology:

Two leading-edge reports released online


- New in-depth technical report by Canada’s National Research Council


- Summary of comments from thought-leaders at the most recent Canadian Energy Storage Symposium


Access the collected wisdom of leading lights from the Canadian Energy Storage industry assembled in the latest NRC technical report and the proceedings of the Ontario Energy Storage Symposium.


The global market for energy storage technology, estimated at $24 billion, holds the potential to change the way the energy system operates, while creating untold opportunities for clean and sustainable business initiatives. A wealth of information on recent developments in this rapidly growing field is newly available from Canadian sources. National Research Council Canada (NRC) has just released its technical report on the event “The Debut of New Energy Storage Technology.’ This document is now available on the APPrO website.


In addition, NRC and the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO) are also releasing advance copies of the proceedings of the 2014 Energy Storage Symposium. This document condenses key insights and major presentations from the first event of its type on energy storage – featuring observations from the CEOs of several of Canada’s top companies operating in the field.


The two-day program summarized in the proceedings document focused on deepening the understanding of Energy Storage for market participants and researchers, highlighting technical and business insights in several areas including the following:

• The Ontario power market is evolving with the development of smart grids, increasing penetration of renewables, and improvements in conventional generation & transmission. How can Energy Storage help you compete in the changing market with new market participants?

• Identifying the domestic supply chain capacity that will be necessary to develop and deploy Energy Storage technologies, both locally and internationally.


All these materials are being released in advance of the Canadian Energy Storage Supply Chain conference, sponsored by NRC, on April 9. For more information on the April 9 event, see this link:


Access the following documents online:


* The NRC Technical Report on the Debut of New Energy Storage


* Advance copy of the text-based version of the 2014 Energy Storage Symposium Proceedings


* Presentations by speakers at the first Ontario Energy Storage Symposium


The full Symposium Proceedings, including graphics, will be released in early June.


For more information on the NRC technical report, visit:

The Debut of New Energy Storage Technology

Les nouvelles technologies de stockage de l’énergie



For more information on the APPrO 2015 conference, visit this link:



Speaker presentations from the first Ontario Energy Storage Symposium


Overview and review of the IESO RFP on storage

Jake Brooks, APPrO

Leonard Kula, IESO


Lessons learned from early Energy Storage deployments

Cam Carver, Temporal Power

Hari Subramaniam, eCamion

Rob Harvey, Hydrogenics Corporation

Curtis VanWalleghem, Hydrostor

Jason Rioux, NRStor


National Keynote

Ian Potter, National Research Council


The Value Chain and capturing global opportunities

Aisha Bukhari, Women in Renewable Energy

Dan McGillivray, Centre for Urban Energy, Ryerson University

Shantanu Mittal / Carole Champion, Ontario Centres of Excellence

Jonathan Dogterom, MaRS

Ken Nakahara, Ontario Ministry of Energy

Jennifer Hiscock, Natural Resources Canada


Technology Roadmap

James Greenberger, National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries

Isobel Davidson, National Research Council Canada




For more information on APPrO and how these developments relate to broader power industry opportunities, contact:


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