The Stephen Probyn Prize for innovation in energy


Seeking to improve the environmental performance of the energy system and to do so through innovation in technology and business have always been central to the mandate of APPrO. Nowhere have these principles been better expressed than through the example of Stephen Probyn, one of the pre-eminent proponents of environmentally responsible power development, and a shining light to many in the industry today.




APPrO is highly indebted to Stephen Probyn, in a number of ways, from his role in the early foundation of the organization, to helping formulate many of the principles which continue to guide the organization to this day. Following his premature death in 2008 APPrO decided to honour Mr. Probyn in a way that will last well into the future. Sam Mantenuto, the Chair of APPrO’s Board of Directors, announced at the APPrO 2008 banquet dinner on November 18, 2008 that the organization had decided to establish an award to commemorate Stephen Probyn and the principles he stood for.


The award is presented periodically to a deserving individual or organization identified to APPrO’s Selection Committee by public nomination for “significant advances and achievements in financial markets, public policy or science and technology which promote action on climate change and sustainable development.”


APPrO’s award of the 2011 Probyn Prize will consist of:

* A $10,000 donation to the registered charity chosen by the Prize recipient.

* Public presentation of the original work of art commissioned from leading Canadian sculptor Colin Gibson, to symbolize the principles represented by Stephen Probyn and the Prize in his name.


This year the Prize announcement and award will take place as part of the APPrO 2011 banquet dinner, on November 15, 2011 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building.


Links for further information:


1. Invitation to nominate candidates to receive the 2011 Probyn Prize


2. Background information on Stephen Probyn


3. Members of the Selection Committee


4. Photos of the sculpture and background on the artist


5. Qualifications and process for nominations (including nomination form)  (PDF) (HTML)



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