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For Landfill gas, compost, digestor gas, see U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Landfill Methane Outreach Program According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, over 700 landfills across America could profit from the installation of methane recovery systems, but only 115 such systems are currently applied. Visit EPA's Landfill Methane Outreach Program home page to learn about: the economic and environmental benefits of methane recovery, how the Outreach Program works, who the Program's utility and industry allies are, what the barriers are preventing the application of this technology, and how these barriers can be overcome.

For Energy from waste, see also biomass, cogeneration, and district heating and cooling

For Geothermal Energy, see hotlink to Geothermal Resources Council and other groups in the geothermal internet links section of this site

For Renewable Ethanol Fuel see also biomass, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association or The American Coalition for Ethanol

For Peat Moss, see biomass, and Finnish Trade Commission

For Wave power, tidal power, and related, in general, see small hydro internet links section but also review Tidal Power Web Site or The Bluenergy website

For Hydrogen (not a source of energy, but an energy storage medium) see solar PV internet links section

We have no information on Ocean thermal power at the moment

For Stirling engines (not an energy source, but a means of energy conversion and/or recovery) see Ormat and Menex
or try The Stirling Technology Company
or Sterling Thermal

For Demand Management, see AQME, and Energy Efficiency Services internet links section

For information on the Energy systems in buildings, See the sections on this website on Energy Efficiency Services, District Heating and Cooling, or for Zero Energy Building Project try this link.
Or, The Alberta Sustainable Home Office project
Or, This site is a building professional's guide to over 60 environmentally responsible technologies and materials for use in commercial/industrial buildings. It covers topics such as photovoltaics, daylighting, water conservation, embodied energy, waste managment, septic treatment, and more. For more information, e-mail:
Or, Engineered SystemsInc.
Or, Berkeley's Building Science pages
Or, The National Residential Energy Services Network
Or even The Straw Bale Building Info Site
The Masonry Heater Web Site
Light world a comprehensive site for internet resources on energy efficient lighting
the Enertia Site is about buildings and energy efficiency
Seneca College's Energy Training Ontario site
The AEC InfoCenteroffers lots of information and links to other sites like the R2000 Ontario site
Energy Design Tools Self-instructional, graphically based computer models can be downloaded from the Energy Design Tools server. The freeware programs posted here were developed as thesis projects by graduate students in the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of California, Los Angeles. Instructions and e-mail addresses for ordering those programs not available on the server, a bibliography of the users manuals bundled with these programs, and associated technical papers are also provided.
Or, U.S. Department of Energy Building Energy Tools Directory Information about more than 60 software tools (databases, spreadsheets, component and systems analyses, and simulation programs) for improving energy efficiency is provided in DOE's expanded Building Energy Software Directory.
Energy Efficient Building Association, Inc. The Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA) Web site offers online documents describing their mission, history, functions, programs, and membership options. Background information about attending, sponsoring, and participating at their annual conference and exposition; a draft of their "Criteria" for designing, constructing, and rehabilitating residential and small commercial buildings; and ordering information for available EEBA publications can also be obtained here.
The IEA's Energy Conservation in Buildings Site

Or, North Fork Retrofit
or (fallback)

The swedish HVAC-organisation VVS-Tekniska Föreningen, where you will find links, conferences and many more things in english.
or contact Mark Kretz is at or tel int+46 8 783 83 82

For information on electrical superconductivity, try Superconductivity for Electric Systems

For information on electric vehicles, try Solectria Corporation's site

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