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Home arrow The Probyn Prize: Nomination Process

Qualifications and process for nomination of candidates


1. Candidates must be a living person and be nominated by an unrelated person.

2. Nominators must complete and sign the designated nomination form and provide substantial documentation supporting the statement that their chosen candidate made “significant advances and achievements in financial markets, public policy or science and technology which promote action on climate change and sustainable development.”

3. For the 2011 prize, all nomination forms and supporting documents must be received in the APPrO office by September 15, 2011.

4. Candidates need not be Canadian but must have done significant work in Canada in connection with the activities for which they are being nominated.

5. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.

6. Nominees who are not selected in a given year may be re-nominated in a subsequent year, subject to any rulings by the Selection Committee.

7. Recipients may keep the sculpture for an agreed upon period of time after receiving it, and must commit to returning it safely to APPrO by the end of that time period.

8. Communication with the Selection Committee is preferably by email using the following address:



Nomination Form


Please fill out all sections


Full name of Candidate for the Prize (Nominee): _______________________


Full name of person recommending this candidate (Nominator): _______________________


Nature of the work done by the nominee that comprises “significant advances and achievements in financial markets, public policy or science and technology which promote action on climate change and sustainable development”:










Supporting information:
Please attach additional material and/or provide pointers to further online information supporting the above statement. Please ensure that all information is full, complete and detailed. Crucial statements must be verifiable and/or attributed to identifiable third parties.


Special Requests: _________________________________


Full address and relevant affiliation(s) of person recommending this candidate (Nominator): _______________________




If the above candidate is successful, I commit to ensuring the safe return of the sculpture to APPrO within an agreed upon number of months after receiving it.






Please submit this nomination form and all supporting documentation to the Selection Committee at



Click on the following links for the PDF version of the qualifications and the nomination form.


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