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APPrO Publications List
September 2008

APPrO publishes magazines, financial/technical bulletins, industry directories, educational materials, websites and a variety of online documents. Many of them are available free on request to APPrO@APPrO.org. If you are interested in advertising in APPrO publications, please visit our advertising page. The following publications are available: Other IPPSO FACTO supplements and special releases also available, prices on request.
* Available while quantities last.

** For most of these documents, we must add an extra charge for the cost of copying, and/or postage and handling, depending on the size of the document.

We can accept payment by Amex, Visa, cash or cheques. It is possible to send an invoice with your order, but we need your permission first to invoice you, and we need to know whether to include GST, or if there are any special shipping instructions. 

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For queries or suggestions, please forward to:
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Last update: 7 September 2008